Novice friends do stand a little experience

I really wanted to do a website that has not been done, first I was studying Japanese, never learned English but did not learn what the C++ vB code, what time these days, utterly ignorant of, do one, I was a super rookie, stocks lost not a kind of sub first, what stations do not have the experience, so in Baidu search some information, what do the domain name, space, but it was about the website look that all search, see a movie website program sold only 50 yuan and QQ number will contact the spent 50 yuan to buy a Marx collection the program, in the evening and bought a 500MB 400 yuan registered a COM meter with 68 yuan, 500 yuan a share, generating what data acquisition data, has been busy so late to do a good job, the beauty in his heart, but the ~! This program can download the 2 day to ask others, then want to cry. Who let me have no experience?.

so people see what promotion, QQ group, Baidu Post Bar, shares of it, do a lot of Links, traffic exchange, what to do, May 24th, to February 13th the site open, because I put a Trojan code on my website, when the traffic exchange sweat and do not understand the code was cheated, then delete the space program, for more than 20 hours, I thought this space how so difficult to delete ah, then ask the customer service, customer service said he help me delete, thank you again, the website that program upload again, this time to be careful, these days have been optimization, got some key words and I want to see the film, man, certainly love watch some movie, so he took the ethical film of such words do some optimization, a few days ago, Baidu not included my page to June 18th Baidu included page 8 Not easy, Baidu finally included me. GG included 2800 pages, SOUSOU included more than 1300 pages, happy ah, these days from GG to IP every day about 500-1000, also hope Baidu more included me a few pages.

, as a novice, I’m going to be a little bit of experience for the webmaster.

is my own experience

first, do not be too anxious to make a website, no one can stammer a fat person. It takes time to do it slowly and carefully. Don’t be too hasty,

second, promotion is very important, no new traffic, because you don’t know who exist on the Internet on your website, you need time to extend, there are many kinds of promotion methods, such as forum postings (flow instability, today there is traffic, tomorrow is not made, no QQ mass flow) estimation, the effect is not ideal, because I rarely see advertising information QQ, (new to do, no way, you need to let people know your site) do Links is also a way to promote it, I began to do a lot of Links, can be said to is very much, (new to do, no way, you need to let people know your site) after some time I put the Links removed, because some of the friendship chain.

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