Marketing event marketing case in nternet Era

we are living in a "marketing" era, from a personal point of view, grew up has been on marketing and the survival and development, the first is to test for selling their marketing, target customers in all schools; after is the ability of marketing themselves, target customers are companies. From an enterprise point of view, marketing products, marketing concepts, marketing brands, and so on, only a good marketing their own enterprises to grow and develop. Let’s cite some classic cases to explain in detail the charm of event marketing.

one, Shanda and storm plan,

grand "Fengyun plan" definitely made a good start in the game world, on the surface, the plan is simple project procurement only, but in fact, it shows an open mind in the grand game industry, regardless of whether you before many "grassroots", as long as you are outstanding, it must get big favor.

this plan originates from to brocade day science and technology acquisition, grandly this event carries on the unceasing enlargement and the expansion, has two selling points, one is the price, one is the brocade age science and technology founder’s age. The effect also has two aspects, from the acquiree perspective, the so-called "good birds greener pastures, and go to the game company working as his own game to make a grand investment. From a grand perspective, on the one hand, reduce the cost and risk, inject more power for product development; on the other hand, enhance its popularity in the game circle. Regardless of the game development team or the grand is a double-edged sword effect. Later, the grand "18 plan" is the same idea.

two, Shi Yuzhu and "beauty"

Shi Yuzhu is obviously a marketing genius, when selling naobaijin, advertising out shipments immediately increase, in Shi Yuzhu’s view, the bombing can get the effect be not of the common sort through advertising. A lot of customers that, although they dislike melatonin advertising, but will choose melatonin, because no matter what, this year’s holiday gifts "to make it popular.

the Shi Yuzhu sales game and "notorious", its essence and naobaijin advertising similar. The beauty of the game, clever grasp of the game player likes to make friends with the characteristics of beauty, the use of concessions to attract beauty, the use of beauty to make eyeballs, it created a very good event marketing case.

three, the same side and "love bag" action

if Shi Yuzhu and Chen Tianqiao’s marketing is purely commercial marketing, then the marketing of the same side has a double meaning. After the Wenchuan earthquake, the same party donated 10 million yuan of cash, and then added 10 million worth of schoolbags, stationery and activity classrooms to the disaster areas. From the point of view of event marketing, it will generally achieve the following effects:

1. promotes love

‘s "love bag action" caught a very special period, that is, the big earthquake, the earthquake caused the children in the hardest hit areas to face learning

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