How local websites integrate large government activities and rapidly boost public influence

A lot of people

do local station, and now many local popular forums are quite good, but there is no way into the local mainstream status, the formation of effective media brand in the public popularity, the value of advertising, but advertising is not much, seriously restricting the development of the website, so how to break it. The formation of the mainstream media area


, a look at the Hainan local consumer portal |: Hainan consumer network recently a series of large-scale activities to participate in social


integrates local social resources, promotes itself to form a local mainstream media and expands its influence in the public.

takes advantage of "the ten famous dishes of Sanya" and "the most popular international gourmet restaurant"

in the city of Sanya municipal government held the tenth session of the Hainan Island Joy Festival "delicious Sanya delicacy Festival", "Sanya ten famous" and "international delicacy restaurant" the most popular contest, here is the Sanya and Hainan major media scrolling article:

, start you, my joy, the invitation to assemble the world, kindle the night dream, sing the happy resonance, the ten year ceremony, Carnival soon. The tenth Hainan Island Festival, "delicious Sanya, gourmet festival", "ten famous dishes of Sanya" and "the most popular international gourmet restaurant", is on the march.

in order to meet the construction of international tourism island, Sanya for the first time selected "Sanya ten famous" and "Sanya’s most popular international delicacy restaurant", is bound to promote the delicacy culture, mining Sanya folk diet culture connotation, promote cultural exchanges between Chinese and Western delicacy plays a positive role.

in order to let more people to participate in delicacy Festival and carnival, "Sanya ten famous" and "international delicacy restaurant" Sanya’s most popular selection activities will recruit thousands of tourists. The jury, the jury members can not only free to taste of delicacy, as well as access to exquisite awards.

restaurant, restaurant,

at present, the "delicious Sanya Food Festival" is an important part of the "Sanya ten famous dishes" and "the most popular international gourmet restaurant" two selection activities are in hot.

hang banners in Sanya, many catering enterprises entrance door posters, display, the atmosphere is very strong


according to "big Hainan consumption network" Sanya official said: "many businesses actively participate in and respond to this event, to 12 so far, there are many businessmen in charge of the phone call, called for election.".

, according to incomplete statistics, 12 to 20 pm, with network media "Hainan consumer network" has been responsible for organizing and coordinating the business of the more than 50 Restaurant Restaurant active to participate in the "Sanya ten famous" award, in the Yalong Bay, the East China Sea, the Gulf of Sanya the restaurant is full of confidence in the registration "international delicacy restaurant" the most popular award. From the Secretary of the Sanya Tourist Association

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