Do stand difficult difficult to do standing only efforts to clear the clouds see the sunny

2002 prior to 2007 5 years, is my school time, although I have been in contact with the network, from the network to find the information they need, but with the network operation, the construction is utterly ignorant of.

in 2007 September, I suddenly became interested in web design, no guidance, their search message, from the beginning of Dreamweaver learning, remember the beginning or visual form drag making web pages, now know that this is "method of making relatively low, but the search tutorials are so to speak. Unfortunately, ah, not directly from the div+css start to learn, can be described as quite a few detours. In early 08, contact with dedecms, think this easy ah, direct release content becomes. Also volunteered then produced a dedecms4.1 version of our class homepage, now it seems really very naive.

after time, and constantly understand the network space, domain names and other knowledge, suddenly want to do a real Web site impulse. Like many web enthusiasts, I started looking for free cyberspace, foreign, domestic, static, PHP, ASP, and all sorts of experiments. Without really defining a usable space. Domain name is 10, 08 years domain name 1 yuan a, cheap ah, so willing to spend money.

has been trying, failing, and wasting a lot of valuable time. Although the process has learned a lot, it is too low for the amount of time.

until May 09, I was determined to make a station, not for anything else, just for personal experience, the website’s operation process is also necessary. Do stand, content is king, is I in the stationmaster station often see a famous saying, what should I do the content of the site? The brain is blank, no concept. Finally, made a study of juvenile myopia website, buy space, buy a domain name, installed daemon (dedecms), try to change yourself, change the template CSS code, and then began to increase, every day from the search content search engine, to change the subject, content, a release is (this is the legendary the pseudo original!). Submitted his website to Baidu and Google, and also applied for the Google Adsense advertising alliance.

the result of this station is: fifth days, Google included; tenth days, Google Adsense through the application; fifteenth days, delete the background program and content. Amen,


‘s a failure, I think so. You senior webmaster sure can easily analyze my problems, perhaps in the "unsuccessful personal Adsense 10 characteristics", I can take on a few bar,


recently, he has occasionally come into contact with Taobao’s promotional business (07 years ago, and started contacting me with Web authoring)

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