For some webmaster soft Wen promotion is not necessarily very realistic

use soft Wen promotion website, as a means of propaganda website, be used by many webmaster. Some have some belly ink, writing is not good webmaster can only face the station even with their Wenhai Wangyangxingtan, shining white silver to buy writers very reluctantly, crudely made wide of the mark, it joined a web site called soft, then people everywhere to find the article sent out.

promotion site, soft text really so magical? In fact, too many write soft Wen promotion webmaster have such experience, the effect of soft text promotion is far from online publicity so exaggerated. I think there are several reasons for this:

, writing an article is a hard nut to crack,

to write a soft text, you always have content, have thought, have a sense of it, that is, writing an article, this is not an easy thing. Personal webmaster services too, site planning, construction, maintenance and promotion are to be done by one person, experience is much, can write written content, but we think that a webmaster, write a thousand words, they have one hour to half an hour, perhaps writing is not good enough, one day the number of hours for a


, you write the article, published in the portal or industry, people do not necessarily want to, not in vain? Use this time to add some content to the site or in the forum signature links may also mix several more benefits.

two, the article sent out may not be able to get URL link

so far, in addition to the forum, published articles where I saw a few Webmaster Station will give the article, plus URL link.

soft to write out, we want to go to the station to the portal, some owners issued a place, such as webmaster nets, China webmaster union of these sites often write articles, these stations posted, soft diffusion speed. But as you all know, when the editor receives the articles submitted online, there are a lot of URL links. After editing, too many links are deleted.

webmaster most hope is to get hyperlinks, because reprinted sites often also a piece of hyperlinks copy past, so that the site can get a lot of the chain. The Webmaster Station is a nuisance for hyperlinks, which means that the site sends some traffic outside. Although you gave him the hard work of writing, he does not necessarily benefit you in this respect. So we see some big Webmaster Station, in addition to a part of stationmaster net hyperlinks the outside, the other will not give.

doesn’t have hyperlinks. That’s plain text. Besides the traffic that brings in URLs directly, there’s no effect on the weight of the site.

three, the effect of the soft text propagation, not too idealistic,

online for soft Wen propaganda is, you release an article, and then a lot of reprint, reprint, like viral spread. If that’s the reason

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