A webmaster real website operation station experience

Hello, my name is Zhang Yuan, I like you, is a grassroots webmaster, here to talk about my personal experience: perhaps some "webmaster" a little help, this is a real experience of the site, in 2007 due to the repeated examinations of poor grades, so the family sent me to our local school a small computer learning computer technology, have proficiency in a particular line in the social mix to eat, perhaps is the webmaster of parental expectations… Time to register the teacher asked me what I love? I did not hesitate to choose the design, the first contact WEB station because of the seniors in the same room to see write website code. I admire it very much, but I didn’t study it. Let them teach me. None of them would like to teach me. So I determined to find their own learning materials, on the Internet for a long time, what is called "intelligent system will be built typing site, he registered a website that is back to when the" webmaster "


with the passage of time, I soon graduated, was recommended to the school a Suzhou computer school when computer training, where a teacher and I really understand what is learning HTML language, because the family situation is not very rich, he is not your own personal computer, often wait until after work to ease of learning, often get to 2 o’clock in the evening, at 8 o’clock in the morning to go to work. Came a few months later, they are more familiar with HTML, " will set up a website; six guest " the station is a station] is sad I most fail, this station is I use is the first version of ECMALL, a web site just online membership reached more than 300 man, he is more serious about the station. When the membership reached 500 of the time, I feel this station is mature, I went back to the old home in Lu’an, and my former classmates to operate the station, we have printed brochures, into the street, no purpose to send (we were more anxious, perhaps this is a failure factor).

soon we stand in the local minor celebrity, but God not pity us these entrepreneurial students, the differences between our team members, each holding various operating modes, and soon we stand members gradually reduce the registered, daily IP also slowly reduced. When I want to recover but found late, I no longer dare ask for money at home to keep the station, so the station was closed, please the majority of owners in the operation station, can do "CEO" do not have acid and team partnership, partnership will behave to sign a contract.

finally, the studio closed. I stayed home for half a month, and finally went to Shanghai to see my sister. I remember when I was leaving when my father sent me, and my mother also sent me. When I got on the bus, my mother said to me, "be good there, let your sister worry, "!";. I was just "anthracene" response, you think, if not difficult, how come all the way to go to far away in Shanghai sister



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