Why should webmaster write blog


Since the

restart blog since Yi is a simple but perhaps unique perspective in writing, said with emotion, complaining. Write a blog for a long time, witnessed many ups and downs to the blog, a new blogger, has lost the old blog for the chain blog blog blog every day to find someone in person, many complicated.

then, dear blogger, why do you want to blog,


question can also be said: what are the benefits of blogging?

or for Tucao, or for fame, or for marketing, or for sharing, or for making money, or for making friends, we chose the blog. In fact, whether you use WordPress or Z-blog for your blog itself did not affect what the most important is the content of the blog, the blog is not portal, not so clear, because no matter what, always have time to write a good and poorly written. The blog is not BBS, can not attract people to discuss, not like Lu Songsong who see a blog leave words, even if there is, how much is three minutes? I have been writing this article. I’ll leave a message, this article is written too bad. Pull away and go back to the topic: why blogging?


Why does

want to blog


, I said, what’s my blog for? If you have feelings or have different feelings, you can leave a message later: -)

1: blogging can organize knowledge and save knowledge,

had a copy of the data in front of me, I didn’t save, until can’t find I was too late for regrets, things in the world the most painful, if God can give me a chance again, I will open a blog… .

yes, blogging is about writing your own things and sharing what you find. Knowledge is the more you can get together after you share it. Three in my blog. Loose message: "Bo more don’t talk, the more will not speak, speak, speak for yourself, one day will speak good things. "


two: there’s a blog that makes friends,

in China, what place to write their own point of view, what place to be able to write your own thoughts, what can you say to share with everyone, everyone, you said Sina blog? You said Tencent micro-blog? No, these seemingly platform flow, but also a very powerful control. Sometimes, micro-blog is inexplicably deleted, and so does the blog on those BSP platforms. This is a normal thing, I found that after seeing so many news, news is news, just view reports, rarely, blog is a personal reflection of the essence, here can defy dissatisfaction can hate, we say: "blog is a good stuff that people can find easily >

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