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in the SEO3.0 era, it seems that every webmaster all know the true meaning of user experience, they "do anything", as all the way to deliberately create a peaceful and beautiful environment to the website, "user experience" textbook, and you will see a little warm button of all kinds, such as back to the top a like, but when these are good, some owners will be surprised to find your site’s performance is not proportional increase, on the contrary is not as expected, then this is another kind of


user is a mutable group, who can not put them on the

these days the electricity supplier price war hit like a raging fire, we will see Suning and Gome in order to suppress the Jingdong, can be said to be this, Suning yesterday added 5 billion consumers, the Jingdong has not been idle, Liu Qiangdong said all direct electric field direct price 300 – 500 yuan. Some readers may be asked, Jingdong as a leader in China digital industry, traffic in June and beyond Taobao, strong performance, so why continue to price promotions, cut was not objective profit? Xiaolin looks in, Jingdong is right. Because the user group itself is uncertain, although before a lot of people say the Jingdong’s good products, good service, good logistics, they will buy more goods in the Jingdong, but the Jingdong know the user experience is the user viscosity level problem, but the user viscosity can never equal to customer loyalty. The reason why users come to your website for shopping is because your website products are good, or inexpensive, or more active. In short, your website is profitable for them. The humanized design is not your website to attract them, so from here, for our webmaster, not the absolute viscosity of users on the Internet, and we advocate the user experience will not give us sustained considerable profit, only to improve their service quality and competitiveness of the industry, we have development capital. Now, we can not imagine why Jingdong in the capital chain tension situation is still a price war, because you do not play, the user will be taken away by suning.

users are not the final destination of the product; on the contrary, they are also the

of industry development

many owners love to consider the user’s buying behavior with your own thoughts, such as when we do cross stitch on behalf of, always want to customers may want to save a portion of the costs, so in the freight on a wise drop a lot, in order to obtain the favor of users, the majority of customers do not care about this cost. But in the process of delivery of the goods safe and fast and place, because in many places have set up distribution point for the arrival of the goods at the place and not effectively controlled, instead they would rather spend a little money, but also hope that we can deliver the goods they shop at the entrance. In this way, the webmaster does not define himself as the provider’s role, providing products, providing services, providing advice, and users

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