To our website investors mountain does not allow two tigers

network company in Chinese rise speed may exceed the hairless chicken, falling speed is comparable to Domino, and now Internet companies need most is the talent, especially in non coastal areas, can almost say that you have a good technical personnel, operations personnel, business personnel, promotion personnel and administrative personnel. Then your company’s website is not far from success.

find talent is a difficult difficult thing, especially to find comprehensive quality, not only understand the technology, and understand the operation and management of the comprehensive comprehensive talents, estimates may be equivalent to the swimming pool to find a needle; is not no chance, you see how to grasp the key, to remember a bit of a start-up the company must do is to interview with the boss of the relevant personnel, such as technical department to use, in addition to the technical department person in charge, you should also be in, now 80, 90 generally have the psychological fear of others to grab their jobs, will have greater strength compared to their people create all sorts of obstacles are not used. To do so, the boss you can lose big.

Responsible for the

administrative department, technology department, business department, regardless of any department employee interview, everyone should attend, if necessary, the boss should visit the site, which is responsible for others, is also responsible for you, the black box operation if it is a separate interview, you may miss the possibility of talent is very big.

is independent of Human Resources Department of the company should be adhering to the human resources department is responsible for supervision departments responsible person interview, need to give advice related departments to report to the general manager for approval and implementation, but not a department bigger can dictatorship.

You may

these things does not concern, but so many examples, especially underdeveloped city in non coastal areas, do the Internet work people is holding a comfortable attitude, do not want to work environment or your team have too big change, and we do not wish to shake her second tigers speak of the authority, so the mountain does not allow two tigers, please also consider the boss.

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