Xu Hui some experience of building a station

contact Adsense this industry has been almost two years, but unfortunately still did not make a decent site, the following is just my two years to do stand some experience, said:

a, buy a good space, this seems to have many webmaster has said many times, but again here I still in the first point to emphasize. How to see a space is not a good space, make you a simple trick, your IP address space with the command Ping Ping time, if the time is less. The space problem about buying a double or single line, which is up to you to do local station or for the net, if is the buy double bar; if it is a local station to buy a single, Netcom’s own choice, you look at what the region. General North Netcom, Nanfang telecom.

two, domain name problem:

              1; preferably COM type, because he is higher than other classes like CN, NET and other types of weight, do not ask me why, I do not know.

2, use the Pinyin of the website name instead of English, because you do it for Chinese people;

3, or all digital, or all letters, not letters plus numbers;

three, before the promotion, first of all, your web site content rich, good, do not let others come, and nothing to see. First impressions are important, as well as websites.

four, the site must be put on record, especially in the crackdown period, do not report a fluke, the outside of which day to check, close your web site ten and a half months, but nothing.

five, the content of the original problem, if you want to be quickly search engine income, please be sure to original and Dongdong, pseudo original also line, don’t like that directly copy pick.

six, links, of course, is looking for PR high, included more sites to do links. Suggest more Adsense class QQ group, and in the more speeches, mixed up after, should be able to get high quality links.

seven, adhere to, as the saying goes, tall buildings are not built in a day, and the same good site is not a day can be built up, so be sure to adhere to.

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