Which free web traffic statistics

played for many grassroots webmaster have the time. Every day to open the computer first do was look at the day before the site traffic, because the station is small, advertising rental service charges, basically nothing to expect, expect a advertising alliance advertising to earn a little money, in the face of a variety of data analysis, Baidu every day, GG spiders crawl rules, analysis time rules of user access to the site if not, traffic statistical tools, waiting by the feeling of business website.

There are lots of free online traffic statistics tool

, we used the basic is 51.la, YAHOO statistics, Baidu statistics, cnzz statistics of these, these are more or less I used, here I talk about the flow of statistical tools of feeling.

site traffic statistics by means of Statistics website visitor access source, access time, access to information content access, system analysis, and summed up the visitor source, hobby trend, some common data access habits, as do a website to further adjust the new guidelines of user behavior analysis technology. So in the traffic statistical analysis, you must have an overall grasp of the website, including the structure, layout and content of the site, the site of the core words, do what aspects of the optimization and extension work at present…… Only when you know what you know, you can analyze the data based on your performance.

in the installation of traffic statistics tools should be placed on each page to flow statistics code, so that the statistics of the data more complete, the analysis of the conclusion more scientific. At present, the online free flow statistics tools are many, the function aspect has the length, the user’s use feeling is also different, as far as I personally speaking, I am more inclined to use 51.la.

khuong statistics with multi language multi time zone support, Alexa tool analysis, content analysis, user time zone information retrieval, browsing depth analysis, back analysis, analysis, real-time online users of the same user statistics function of ID are A Jiang first or earlier use of statistical features. Personally think that the results of cnzz in comparison to be considered, the same site, using a variety of statistical tools, the results show that cnzz statistical data to be higher than many other statistical tools, by contrast, the statistical results of 51.la must be accurate and many.

has to say that 51.la’s functionality is very powerful. So far, I’ve never used any of those functions, because they don’t need to be used. In October 27th, 51.la officially announced that it would have eight new functions on the line:

1, the historical access details function, will keep up to 7 days of access details.

2, access details search, according to the origin, page address, IP address, keyword access to the day of access details or historical access details, support for fuzzy queries.

3, visitor city analysis, in addition to preserving the original exact region of the province

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