My mistake turned out to be a success

because of an own prompted by a sudden impulse has set up a website, but after creating a new website, IP basically are fixed in 20 or more, has not what changes, if I look at it is also the most publicity, reached 100, every day the first thing is to open the statistics see flow (I think many webmaster is that!), but IP does not change, the heart is also very depressed! Sometimes I really want to give up! But once, I once again open the webmaster statistics, see IP suddenly to around 300 in the "this day, excited about?! and doubt! So look carefully, found no wrong ah, actually is 300, so I carefully read the statistics about IP, suddenly raise IP entirely on a keyword that "Magic by machine", in the heart really excited (this is the first time I have such a big flow, everybody don’t laugh at me!)


so I understand, and that was when I updated the movie on the, the text input error, and their own a careless mistake, actually came traffic. I immediately began to exchange and some of the group sent it, ha ha, I was such a big success friends congratulations, although I know that I like traffic in front of the master is not worth mentioning, but I want to say is, in some cases, we made the wrong decision, often to get the correct result! Often when we serendipitously, willow has grown up.

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