Pay attention to the original content the site is the only way to success

from 50bang to CNZZ (third party traffic statistics tool), we in a broader space, and more personal Adsense have contact.

recently, we often talk about a topic is the rise of many SNS and UGC silence, we can see.

, we can’t help thinking, is the last time the video site has arrived? User created content is out of date,


no, even in the China impetuous network environment, based on the original network war has just begun.

and listen to little D slowly.

original content of attention, a great extent about a site success road.

in the common growth of CNZZ and the majority of individual owners over the years, CNZZ found that as a small site or personal site, early may have a lot of money or power, do promotion, rely on promotion almost become the only choice of faith and. While we are frustrated, most people believe that things are not right, as with everyone to buy stocks, follow the "people" lottery must lose money, the real big fortune by gambling, before winning information released no one knows who he is where he is even more award the process is no check on it. The network business is in the same way, maybe there will be a successful promotion of the road, there might have been a "push" by the power of their own achievement, but in before I heard it will not let anyone else know…

so far, only relying on promotion, cooperation, promotion, money transactions can be successful site, there is no one.

superb creativity, excellent products, powerful technology, excellent execution, are among the necessary factors for success.

reflects a little difference, not only by copying and promotion, in our network field, if you don’t want your site to be done by others, please respect the original, make good content. Otherwise, an old saying goes, "those who play with fire end up burning themselves.".

original is a site of success determination.

of course, the domestic environment, adhere to the original is a big challenge, perseverance and temptation, persistence and perseverance, divergence and concentration, people who persist will not necessarily win, but must give up halfway failure.

is well known, whether in the forum of hardcore users or senior owner, head of online games or game player, C2C chief occupation in senior and senior people are losing the seller really is stripped of the appearance of these classes outside their mainstay in the site and generate traffic and benefit the cornerstone. They exist in any website can often cause peer envy, even generous means, spared no expense to infighting poaching. Just as training an aristocrat requires three generations, cultivate a web site

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