Online forums and community operations

According to Maslow’s theory of needs,

begins with people’s different needs: security, social interaction, respect, knowledge, aesthetics and self actualization. Content construction conforms to the 28 principles, and a forum can be made into a portal, a well-known community. Seize the Internet users’ herd mentality, unlimited resources, and join in the fun. No forum can quickly boost its popularity for at least 1 years. If you want faster, early can forge a fire forum, start from the plate of the post, post reply, reply post fire, can also rely on technology, but are at first so to play, the latter also need heart operation and maintenance.

for users, it will only give you 20 seconds to stay, to retain the user in 20 seconds to register, is the initial purpose.

The increase of

flow, you can copy posts to send QQ friends, allow members to help you propaganda; using QQ group to promote your website; using Baidu sitemap SEO; using the special SEO; long tail keywords optimization; each page updated (Technology); replaced by DZ JS…

actually runs a good forum, not a simple living

first, create and initial user access.


creation has nothing to say, and the filled information fills in the diagram to be done. Only something worth mentioning is perhaps the name for a group, a good name should be able to allow the user to generate clear expectations, or it can bring some special feelings (such as fun and resonance), or can bring value cognition clear, which allows users to know where he can get what.

for example, feel you see a group called "Lebron James" and one called "every day a LBJ HD hero" group difference. Try to experience a called "Sina employee communication" and a group called "Sina deep into the sea, the difference from the integrity is the group of passers-by.

another point needs to be emphasized is that any good community, must have some universal values, these values are generally altruistic and widely accepted, ultimately reflected in some of the rules. For example, many pornographic websites and forums that have been active for decades now require users to respond with serious thanks to the rules.

initial user access, common is to pull around acquaintances, or community-based positioning to do some more precise channels of publicity, this part of the said a lot of people, not to expand.

second, trust and value establishment.

this is a link that almost all groups and community operators need to break through.

In the original

to join a group, unless the chief’s own influential (such as update), otherwise, almost all users in the group at the beginning of the state of mind is the first to see here is what to say, can break this mentality, establish a sense of trust in the community and between users, allowing users to.

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