Since the media should be how to retain and attract fans

how does the media appeal to fans,


from another angle, why should I pay attention to it?. What do you have to be concerned about?. Give me a reason to pay attention to your, so let us first on their first self define their own media, what I wanted to do the type of media entertainment?? people? Justice? Public? Business? Or personality? Only to define their own good, you will find relevant content knowledge, message content to publish, to discuss, to extend from a primary rookie, all the way to the battle as intermediate to senior rookie, rookie; from a junior rookie, only the thread, become intermediate rookie, can have a small range of the right to speak, and then to the senior rookie, you said is very willing to see listen, willing to share. If your content and your opinion are not good enough, why should I pay attention to you?. Is that right?. So I think the media how to attract fans, is a little, you want to make the expert about your industry, you will have from the media people will pay attention to, forwarding, comments, sharing, on the other hand, you can’t do that, then you still in automatic speaking.

how do you keep fans from the media?

I think the

, first in the premise to attract fans, you want to further diversification, the daily content, feel every day is not the same, if you every state is the same, that people will only forward, comment. Will not interact with you. Because you’re dead. So as long as you have something good, I can forward it. Others do not care. Anyway, you and I do not interact, so if you are in an "expert" or become opinion leaders, you also need a large number of fans and interact with your micro-blog needs to be filled with "smell", do you want to be a superman, all the time watching the latest news from the media you. Then treat each forwarding, comments, sharing, don’t do bad yourself. Then why can’t your fans keep it,

?What are the important nodes in the operation of


in the process of operation I think micro-blog marketing practices are three: first, to fight, to do the brand micro-blog, tree, stand model; two, holding low hit, do micro-blog services, play interactive, show people; three, low for low hit, do the marketing of micro-blog, looking for opportunities to engage in the sale. (source:

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