Decrypt web site article editing techniques

has already mentioned in the article "how to edit web site articles, what skills?" the editor of the web site first meets the requirements of search engines. Here will be in-depth exchanges and discussion of technical optimization of this.

, how do I do pseudo original article


and all known search engines love original articles, especially Google, but many in China but will not work, the world is a big copy, not to mention our web editors or medical professional was born, which can write some related articles out of medical disease. Therefore, the article is basically from his office to copy, copy to have been used, funny is that many hospitals web site article still retains the name of other hospitals, doctors name, etc.. Of course, most friends know, pseudo original, is to copy the article processing, the head and tail add something in his mind. I this lazy people, on the other hand at the construction site early, because not enough manpower, so there is a chapter of website data are from other sites to collect, but the hospital name to others. But a few months later, included in this website is good, there are more than 20 thousand snapshots, above average IP 4K? OK, nonsense to say more, now I tell you, what all don’t want to, just want a principle, the search engine to determine whether or not to repeat an article is too complicated, but one often used, is to look at the head part is not the same, if not the same, the original OK. An article I copied, can be different from ancestors? How to do, I put it in two, turn the page, my second pages, and ancestors are not the same. In order not to mislead you, I declare: the original is not a little and a few will be able to accurately judge, PR, domain name registration, website time authority, "was included in the time, overall quality of website content and other factors of the web page itself will be the search engine to determine the original parameters.

how do I see the keyword density of


keyword density is high, it appears in the search engine, this article importance would be high, so the keyword density in editing articles, to artificially increase the keyword density, but too high, is also doubt cheating. The search engine is how to analyze the key word? In the case of Baidu, Baidu has a positive maximum matching algorithm, reverse maximum matching algorithm, the realization of the program is very complicated, such as "Hangzhou painless price", Baidu first thought that this is a keyword, but here there are subkeys, is to use the mentioned algorithm the "Hangzhou painless price" to the division, will be divided into "Hangzhou, painless abortion, price, Hangzhou painless, painless price, the price of stream of people", to Baidu to query matching self pride in the dictionary, according to a formula that shows Baidu snapshot ranking ranking. So, when we edit the article, we should not only stay in the mother word, but also consider the sub word.

according to the above, an example is given:

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