City B2C webmaster entrepreneurial experience on the road

September, after months of work, completed the website structure and website online, finally on the line, can finally see, the heart has a sense of excitement, look at our website, just like our son grow up, 18 years old, can go to the society, here today to the construction site for more than four months to write some of their own feelings, it is a summary of the previous stage.

initiation idea

is building the city shopping website is the idea at the end of April this year, when a friend (now partners) inadvertently talked about him in our Dafeng a local website for things, said the site is propaganda of local shops, looking for him to do is to go to the local store to talk about cooperation, help them propaganda, collect fees, fees received after 55 minutes, heard of such a thing, my first thought is to help people to find the shop, but also half to others, why not do it yourself, do the site actually does not have any technical content at all (I also learning website for five years), I said if we don’t do it yourself, we can follow him this website, but he is in store for the unit publicity, is to introduce the shop to do what we can to, as a single commodity A, we can put the local store on our website shows, then charge rent, I was just a local account, about 10 thousand stores, each store annual fee of 100 yuan, a year income is 1 million, two of us suddenly agonistic, hit it off, ready in the city trading on a big stage, as long as can bring benefits, they must be willing to give 100 yuan (now think that idea is how immature, ha ha).

said, the first thing is to go back to the domain name registration, we market positioning in our county Dafeng or prefecture level city of Yancheng to discuss, and finally determine the location in Yancheng, began to think a lot of the site name, called Yancheng shopping street, Yancheng…… Friends believe that the name earth a little good, called the sale of the Yancheng Internet cafes, and is also able to register domain name, finally registered the, 0515 of our Yancheng area code, mm is the sale of the meaning of the domain name is short, is also very good, we were satisfied with the domain name.

domain name selected, the following is what procedures to do the problem of site, and finally chose the ecmall program, and soon made a multi user mall. You think ecmall is Kang Sheng products (at that time did not know already sold to shopex), trustworthy, now think about it, this system still exists many defects in this, but the team has been working with this point, let me full of confidence.

street, hard but happy

website architecture, well, the following thing is to add goods, and we have a division of labor, I am responsible for the website, picture processing, commodity on the top

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