Depth analysis of electricity supplier eBay transformation and recovery

1995, Pierre Omidyar · the first "flea market" onto the Internet, in 1997, the auction site was renamed eBay, 1998, Meg · Whitman joined the board of directors of eBay, the Nasdaq stock market, since 2000, eBay began in a big global expansion, and the acquisition of PayPal in 2002, gradually an electronic commerce platform and one of the world’s largest online payment platform.

However, with the

e-commerce industry chain more perfect, especially in the Amazon logistics system, IT system, supply chain management, gradually mature, and users of the shopping experience of the increasingly high demand, the eBay auction model has been badly hit, the stock also will fall into the valley bottom.

2008 Donaho took over after eBay began the annual rectification, now eBay is not only an online flea market, price fixing commodity trading platform trading volume has occupied eBay half, PayPal payment service has become a point, is the driving force, the growth performance of the company in addition, eBay also acquired the GSI business solutions company, which the three line of business. With the integration effect appears, eBay shares also rebounded, the cumulative rise since 2009, as high as 300%.

eBay current market capitalization of $52 billion 800 million, 2011 Annual Revenue of $11 billion 700 million, gross profit margin of 80%, net profit of $3 billion 220 million, net interest rate of 28%.

1, eBay products and business models

1, product


* eBay e-commerce platform: eBay in the online auction business started, for buyers and sellers to build a trading platform, in order to expand the scope of services and improve service quality, in recent years, eBay continues to develop large-scale business resources, fixed price trading business has gradually become the main platform of dynamic business growth. In 2011, 63% of eBay’s business transactions came from fixed price trading.

* PayPal payment tool: eBay acquired PayPal in 2002 and began offering online payment services. The main products are: ordinary eBay payment payment tool PayPal, which serves about 190 of global market, cooperation with more than 15000 financial institutions, and to provide cross-border transactions, Paypal currently more than half of the revenue from overseas market; credit payment instrument Bill Me Later, to provide a credit line for the United States users, enhance the purchasing power of 2011; the acquisition of Zong PayPal, to fill the blank in mobile payments.

* GSI e-commerce solutions: >

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