How does the webmaster solve the 500 error in the site HTTP server

many webmaster in the construction of the site, often encountered procedures can not open the problem, and some because the program error, can not run, and some because of the server. Today, 78t webmaster network for everyone to tidy up a common mistakes and solutions, hope to be helpful, if you use the following method has not been solved, you can contact the webmaster.

today introduced the error is: http server 500 errors, the error is that many webmaster, whether it is written procedures, or download the use of other sources, often encountered. The wrong page shows:


web site cannot display the page

HTTP 500

The most likely cause of


• the site is being maintained.

• this site has program errors.

you can try the following operation:

refreshes the web page.

returns to the previous page.

more information,

this error (HTTP 500 internal server error) means that a server problem has occurred on the site you are accessing. This problem prevents the display of the page.

for more information about HTTP errors, see help.

many webmaster see this page will be dumbfounded, some people to Baidu search answer, online answer is similar, many are very complex, do not know what to say. In fact, the server 500 errors may be divided into two kinds, one is the server itself permissions, and the other is not standardized procedures or errors. So, to solve this problem, it is necessary to find out what is the cause and how to detect it. Is that the reason? Please look down:

in the IE browser, click the tools -internet options – advanced, scroll bar pull to the end, will "show friendly HTTP error message" before removing the hook, OK, then refresh the 500 internal server error page, or restart the page, the page will pop up a new report project, "this is wrong the information will tell you is the cause of this error occurs.



of course at this time, many owners will find that even shows the error types, or do not know how to solve, is the most simple method you new kinds of mistakes again to ask Baidu to copy the query, we will know how to solve. The procedure, here is not to say is how to solve, because many program error types, don’t know you will encounter this kind of mistake, if it turns out to be so good to solve the access problems, look down:

programs in local situations: >

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