Free product hierarchy induction

today is really experience what is called hierarchical induction, this level is induced by my own words, come to think of it very image, free stuff, induced you street, and finally found that, when the original is to do what, forget.

will go to apply for free space today, talk about their own free products a little understanding.

free things, natural people like, without paying you can spend, good things, who do not want to take up the light?. So the door industry, the service industry, all under free banner, playing the consumer psychological tactics to the people, the store can be opened; someone clicks on the website, with the flow; there are customers, natural human effect, popularity,

business will be prosperous!

so, free things, the sky scattered, mixed, no one knows who really false,


because want to make a jump page, advertising, apply for a.Cn domain name, use for a few months, then want to find a free space, tied a meter. So search: free static space, want to this keyword, positioning should be faster, and now support the static space of the site, it should not bring any advertising,


the first step to induce

then, Google was the first to make a lot of effort to do the SEO optimization station, titled "100M free space.". What about him? Go in, I don’t know what to do. There’s a bug pointing everywhere. The page shows the 100asp space. It’s nice. No ads. I’ll look for it. Um, find it!


must be registered before we know it, the first step to lure

second step induction of

ah, what happens? The server is full. The new user registration to http://s.***; very faint, how to do? They say, the server is full, not to this step, go, go and see, so at this site, oh, this website is not connected in, I copied into the search box.


does not feel well, but you can lure the second step, go here, don’t go on


third step induction of

appears with the same login screen for the first time, except for the verification code. Finally saw a "application" connection, go in, http://s.***

Third step

elicitation success is inevitable, because the target is in sight, it is a bit weak, certainly not to close it, many things, few people do, intentionally do less. Registered, but is a management background, that model is not directly into the application space, management background, to apply for a free space, as in the past, should be required to get post integral, or click on ads and other ways to get some points, can help open. Continue…… < >

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