Along the line of operations what new knowledge should novices learn 2

two days ago and we talked about for the novice, how to clear learning website operation knowledge advice, clear learning ideas, we can improve the learning efficiency, can help us to learn more knowledge on the fragmented into a complete line. I also come from the novice, so deep, for the novice, reveling in the outside the so-called operation cheats book still inextricably bogged down in every day, what are not, and I feel a lot of things to learn, but do not know where to learn. So after the release of the last article, many friends gave me a message, I hope to see the next article, can be more systematic understanding of operation, learning ideas. Well, we don’t talk much. Today we’ll go on with the last article.

1. Learn to write good business copy;


is the first step to copy others understand your product, not only can copy function demand transfer product itself, the product itself can express the emotional needs of users, it is no exaggeration to say that if you can impress your users through copywriting, basically you have half the success, because the copy of the sea, let users pay attention to you is not easy.

therefore, as a qualified operation, when we receive the product from the product manager’s hands, if you write a piece of cow’s copy to pack it, you need to do it in the process of operation. So how do we do copywriting,


before I write a special article writing, specially recorded a video tutorial if write cattle copy, interested friends can self blog or pay attention to my WeChat, I believe the idea of writing will help you find a good copy of what it would be like. Well, let’s get back to business.

is the most difficult to write copy for many novice friends too, can not find the idea, or say, if you give a good copy, you can immediately get the feeling it is good, there is no move you, but when you start to write, but how also can not find that point.

One of the most common faults of

novice operators is that they just talk about the product itself, and like to use some exaggeration or seemingly tall words to wrap it up, but it feels hollow,

he is here to give new friends a way of thinking – empathy, from the user’s feelings, tap their emotional needs, and then placed in a concrete and familiar scenes presented to the user. About the specific method of writing here no longer details, interested friends can browse my previous articles. Here to share a few good copy for you to refer to, and then compare my previous article, looking for inspiration:

FedEx express: from Asia to Australia, it’s like a window,


mobile phone Baidu search, search the scene simulation user life "

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