Lower ranking is entering the Baidu sandbox


forum code network (http://s.bbscode.com), as long as the forum search relevant keywords in Baidu is always ranked first at the top of the page, but yesterday I found how the site had fallen into several pages, do what they say is the Baidu sandbox? I didn’t go to the station now to what also, don’t be Baidu K off, you can search or search, SITE is less of a page into the GOOGLE sandbox are out, in the GOOGLE forum is the first search code, but Baidu is falling a lot, I really do not know how? Do optimization problem for a long time I did not? To change the optimization of things, always search is normal, how would suddenly have this? Laoniao advice about


see a lot of old hair of the article, said the title of the site changes will reduce the ranking, but I have not been modified or


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