Do more than half a year experience experience and confusion

wanted to have a website from the beginning to now, there are six months time, during this period, also with a few sites, and many of the friends, from what all don’t understand until now is not what all don’t understand the situation is a bit of progress, learning from the network technology, learning "production, learning PHP code, learning to use CMS, to learn SEO optimization and so on, all the way down, despite what did not come up with anything decent, but also learned something.

initially wanted to do a website also want to engage in an industry website, college is the major of labor and social security, so I want to get such an industry website, the traffic is always on the go, summarize the cause may be in many ways, their own lack of resources, do not know SEO, and as a result graduate, also do not have time to do so, the first station will soon throw away. Of course, in the process, it is not learned nothing. At least added to my interest in doing web sites.

after graduation, I began to write a navigation website procedures, procedures written, directly used in our social security industry above, think this should be able to produce something. The strange questions appear in Baidu included, initially included, included hundreds of pages, traffic to 2 thousand, very happy, feel very good, and later included the results page is decreasing day by day, know later reduced to a home, natural flow down.. Over one or two months later, again included, then again a day reduced, like a long time, the reason is: the page similarity is too high, because the program is written in their own, many different pages where there is a little, the search engine that one page, slowly it included reduced.

did not want to go to the station later, although it took me more than a week to write the program.

senior next semester, found on the Internet, many of the so-called dumpster access in large quantity, but also can earn money, of course, with some adult words, traffic really will go up soon, this keyword I do when the "adult" novels, I remember when I came in the second page of Baidu the flow rate of 5000. In fact, the station didn’t take time. Feel and did not pay much, the effect is quite good, but also not happy, put some advertising, more than a month down to earn two hundred more money. Unfortunately, the word "discovery" was sealed today, but I didn’t feel unhappy…

the whole process seems boring, but it’s really personal experience. Tell me some of my experience, too.

tell SEO about it. To be honest, I’m not a good player in this area, and I don’t have a successful case. I even got Baidu K because of the optimization… But I also talk about their own views: website optimization or low-key, carefully look at a lot of ranking good site optimization is very simple, recently found that many sites have no keyword and description, and I put the site removed "

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