Baidu help me

Baidu will bless me, traffic will come.

I have everything in my dreams, but the flow rate is often 35.

do his webmaster a lot, then how do I choose?.

I am behind drinking wine, anyway, for me is a luxury traffic ah.

is too clear, just work hard,

Adsense’s purse will always be up.

has a long time no post, my brother is really not good ah, do stand for one year, all of the station is not what improvement in general is too lazy, did not try, and netizen "Crazy" the previous cooperation made a plot, but the goal is the long tail keywords, I did not estimate that Baidu would "upgrade", there is no estimate of the plot station in 2007 has been the webmaster to do bad, because no matter what the story in Baidu search, basically can find the answer, and website content is basically to collect Internet, the plot is a copy published articles, so we plot the station about the plot content are not always be included in Baidu, ended in failure,

lasted a month and a half.

finally, I summed up the reason:

1, if you are doing long tail keywords, then you don’t want to be a station until you think how to get a lot of original content.

2, the site should be updated regularly, not because of the discovery of Baidu K you, you will not update, you have to remember that you do is long tail keywords.

3, not "exaggeration", don’t say he is the world’s largest XX portal, XX Chinese website, XX class less, to meet the reality, or the network you have the feeling of being deceived, the user experience is not good.

4, want a good posterior, if a certain period of time, still did not meet their needs, to know how to give up, if you think you can not rely on Baidu, have your own way of promotion, then you can continue to do so.

5, to continue to learn, even if they are not as good as before, how to, and also low-key as well, stop learning is retrogression. (a bit silly, ha ha, said that their shortcomings, but also hope that we do not smash eggs oh. ) I have set up a blog for my study., this blog has nothing else. I hope to share and exchange learning experience with the broad masses of webmaster brothers.

6, often around the laggards forum, to go to the station network, because the reason you may lack the webmaster friends on the site, and no profit situation, people will have a sense of loss, and even give up their ideal, if you often come to the peer to recognize outstanding place, webmaster the more people feel sad and bitter, I believe that your confidence will increase, eventually you will.

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