580 million years into the depths of the alliance the light will change the pattern of the industry


I before the horse had exclusive online show mode profits, to the six room was on the verge of death as an example, since the mid 2012 completely transformed into this model, can earn tens of millions of yuan per month; industry leader 91582012 years of income even reached nearly 1 billion yuan.

profits attracted many small video website to join this industry competition (see I before dark horse reports "small video sites are learning, and the 9158") industry leading enterprises, in addition to 9158 muffled fortune, before the industry ranked second, a little-known company in April 17th jumped out with the light of the media together in a grand conference.


quack entertainment hall (screenshot)

this year in 2012 revenue of up to 580 million yuan, registered users 75 million, while the number of online 1 million, and last year to get the light media 75 million yuan investment online show, the company unveiled the mystery.

quack video was founded in 2005, when the company was named Beijing eight degree of Internet Technology Co., Ltd., in July 2008 was renamed Jinhua Changfeng Information Technology Co., ltd.. The company’s two founders are chairman Zhang Hongtao, general manager Dong Guanjie.

Zhang Hongtao, born in 1978, Henan, graduated from Henan Agricultural University in July 1999 with a major in sericulture (junior college), but has a national computer Four certificate, senior programmer qualification certificate. From March 2000 to December 2002, he worked as project manager in China software and services development department, mainly to lead the project team to complete HUAWEI’s development projects.

Dong Guanjie, born in Shandong, Linyi in 1979, graduated from Beijing Aerospace University of mechanical automation in July 2002. After graduation, Dong also devoted six months to preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.

early in 2003, Zhang Hongtao and Dong Guanjie began to intersect.

they are almost in March 2003 and joined the company founded in September 2002, UC (non uniform communication now do mobile phone browser UC excellent, as the company), Dong served as product manager role is mainly responsible for the technical operation, zhang. UC company is one of the main peak of the instant communication tool, the number of users up to 300 thousand, but less than 1 million users of Tencent qq. In 2004, Sina bought it for $35 million and integrated it into Sina UC. (I dark horse: after 80, remember the time in the Sina UC rob wheat?)

, two of them then joined Sina UC, Zhang served as technical director, responsible for UC multimedia departments and services >

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