Grass roots website science and technology will always be the primary productive force


SP channel completely blocked, for the grassroots community is tantamount to a financial storm, many of the original owners earning large quantities of gold each day at no direction, holding the bus traffic. Not to earn money, even some webmaster do not flow directly out of food, many from the first contact site profit from the station, must not technology, to never mind, a time is really to the valley of life, I was one of them.

I am a a webmaster, similar to a personal homepage I do stand in the way the origin of friends website, I remember in 05 years, he is the NetEase’s album advertising, monthly revenue of about 300, this is not a small income for a a poor student, but my monthly living expenses is $300. I asked him to be a program to do a website that is a website in a few simple HTM page, then just 05 years of super girls run amok, I just in a few TOM super girl video, Baidu Post Bar in post, said it may be we do not believe that, give me a post about 2WIP, very horrible! That NetEase album advertising fee is more than 80 piece, I modeled on, every time I have super girl the first time to get TOM video, and then to the Post Bar advertising, the advertising fee is more than 700 months. Later, the site is also stable, and began to film alliance, then making money really terrible.

makes money easy, it doesn’t hurt, it tastes good, lazy, nothing learns. Abandoned for a long time, to SP was closed, and no money, I found nothing.


so much is mainly want to remind some novice webmaster just don’t want to make money, science and technology is the first productivity, but also has long been confirmed, but 21 what is the most expensive talent?. What is the talent, the technical person is the talent. Of course, I say the technology is not especially those website development, program development, such as some other related website promotion, market operation and so on also can try, and every day thinking about how to make money, as down-to-earth deeply learn something, only you have products, money will be more opportunities. Not just on the Internet under a program around advertising, that will only put himself to delay, but also on the current situation of the Internet, the time of advertising, really is better to learn some useful things, the future of the Internet or reply, just is a good time to go out. Admin5 Forum provides us with a good exchange plate, but many are advertising in it, cherish the opportunity, people will not always young.

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