Designers said do straight through the car picture more common misunderstanding analysis

train promotion is a more precise marketing tool, but to achieve the input-output better than (ROI), promotion title, pictures click rate, sales data, pricing, delivery speed, the score is very important, and in these important factors in the click rate of the most. Good pictures will stimulate consumers to click, their orders in the browser, click train cost down. However, many novice in the straight through the car picture, often make some of the more common mistakes, is caused by click rate is not the main reason.

positioning is key,

consumers are through the 310×310 pixel straight through picture as an entrance into the shop’s single product page, so you should first from the direct delivery plan to determine how the design of this picture. For example, when you just put on the shelves, ready to row in the first few pages, the first few, this time it is necessary to analyze the surrounding competitors, in the design to be more prominent in order to attract buyers click. For example, to thirty-sixth parking spaces in the qualifying in gold, the neighboring competitors of the images are in light blue line, this time with red or dark, the picture can be prominent, consumer perception is strong, natural desire to improve click. This is actually the product positioning strategy is the same, when everyone is selling the same goods, if their products have bright spots, you can pull away and competitors distance, improve conversion rate.

Clarity is important when the

is positioned.

this picture uses the splicing type typesetting, the left side background color and the right side background color are obviously not the same, the left side is shallow, behind is deep, gives the consumer very bad visual feeling. But the picture clarity is poor, since the color of the skirt is floral color, background color should be more eye-catching blue or other dark lines to design better the background and product highlights, contrast the obvious picture will give people high commodity recognition, focus. Behind the picture is made the same mistake, commodity color is green, the color of the background should be considered with white or other light colored design, can the goods emerged, causing more eye-catching effect.

first pictures, then text

the biggest problem with this picture is the difference between text and pictures. The consumer must have seen the number 69.9, and then the picture at the back. The right should be the first to see the picture is the text, so it was a bit overwhelming. Moreover, since the price as a selling point display, there is no need to show 47% off of this information, this is obviously ineffective information, waste of resources.

text too much to form psoriasis effect

these two >

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