Where is the way to build a mobile site

07 years, university graduation that year, I in order to facilitate their own internet access, and made a simple page, put a lot of my own commonly used some of the good web site. At that time did not consider themselves as webmaster, over a period of time, a friend to see my page, said quite like to use, so germination, I continue to my site navigation station do well. I knew the success of hao123, 265 and other famous websites navigation at that time. And see a lot of Shanzhai web site navigation.

as a rookie of the Internet users, see their concise page, I’m not interested in, always feel too simple, not good-looking. So I never liked using their website.

in fact, now, one of the most important aspects of their success is simplicity and not complexity.

my web site on-line for more than a year, although some are fixed in the old users, traffic has been very low, many netizens asked for advice, said the page is too simple, too amateur, there is the page looked too messy. I didn’t remember how many times the two were changed. But always in the direction of simplicity.

Looking at the current

site navigation site status, looks like basically similar, copycat version of the hao123 like bamboo shoots after a spring rain so much smoke, a copycat version of the latest discovery is for me to be frightened and change color: http://s.haozhans.com/hao123/. Not only hao123 cottage, 265, Google navigation cottage also more and more.

although the well-known brands, individual owners in the domain name, site name can also engage in copycat sites, a share, but a successful product is difficult to replicate, want to go beyond these cattle station if you do not own the original thing, I think it is difficult to.

fortunately, there are still some innovative web sites to navigate in a competitive environment to keep yourself and stick to yourself. For example, good web site: http://s.haozhans.com

many cattle owners have said that innovation, persistence and learning are essential qualities for a successful website.

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