Webmaster diagrams 100 thousand real cases


[1] Mu Changqing VIP circle: 8888 yuan

finally, after a variety of considerations and entanglements, friends Mou Changqing VIP members began official recruitment, priced 8888 yuan. From the service before the masses, to the current service part of the crowd, this is an inevitable trend from the grassroots media. Service to the public, you may develop very slowly, but only a part of the people, you will soon be promoted, free time is over, the era of value for the arrival of the arrival.

in less than a day, there are 9 people to join, and finally, there is a thorough real case, tell you what is the day into 100 thousand. By the end of the day, 32 people had joined.


[2] North dance school day into ten thousand

of the Beijing Dance Academy campus Belle in public online selling their original underwear, and stressed that this write their underwear all through the left, their scent.

the Beijing Dance Academy campus Belle dream Ni Gabby on micro-blog said that their original underwear, selling 1000 yuan a few days, this basically daily income can reach ten thousand yuan.



[3] thousand counter attack conference

December 9th, Yu Chenglong and I, tension, Ma long, including some VIP circles of friends organized in 2014 the last thousand YY conference speech.

the conference was prepared for a month, and invited four guests, such as A5, Wang, Mou Changqing, Joe, the help of the Lord and the wilderness, to be more successful, and 2746 listeners came to the summit. And I am also proud to say that there is no use of any brush YY online number of software.

and we used a new play, the official sponsor! Jiahe digital YY voice conference title sponsor, sponsor.



[4] everyone officially closes

Everyone is watching television

storm lasted into a month and finally to drop the curtain, it is not completely stick to it, and we said goodbye.

this morning, all film and television official micro-blog @ everyone subtitles station issued a message said, "very sorry to inform you, everyone film and television officially closed."".


although most of the private subtitle groups are making and sharing subtitles for non profit purposes, they still can not avoid the legal risks of copyright.


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