SNS is actually a fire

SNS is the fire, the fire is


SNS now universal promotion is the so-called invitation, a little funny, a little bit in line with this sentence, as a bitch, but also to build a memorial archway,


so to domestic SNS to emphasize that the first invitation, they mean that the acquaintance pull acquaintances in the relationship inside, not a pure network, domestic SNS websites will emphasize this, emphasis on the relationship, emphasizing the six degrees of separation; second is not to engage in the real name system? It is an acquaintance to pull the acquaintance


is now combining SNS and webgame very quickly. I never went to webgame and other sites to register, played webgame.

but I have received one after another, registered mail: welcome to register with the XX ID, your ID is your email password is XXX, is probably the case, he had registered this link is omitted, the direct payment of ID, just like the previous brothel prostitutes as a money before. Now do not have to, and send it.

SNS, a lot of friends, no contact with these sites, but their email already was as a commodity trading N, very cheap, a few of his estimated 0 yuan cost, of course, the sale is how many million deal.

these SNS stations now, with these email data, start acting, you can send spam, and pretend that your acquaintances sent you invitations, worthless invitations,


seems to have a problem. After you get on the SNS, there are buttons to invite friends. Even if you don’t invite them, they will offer you an active invitation.

wants to develop SNS in China, and the real name system is very difficult.

even if one day the enactment of the law, we will try our best to use false names, with other people’s false ID information to register.

network is the network, always with virtualization.

Why does he


why do so many domestic SNS, not from a commercial point of view,


business is not less investment, making money,

?I think

SNS is a commercial plaza, is popular gathering place, many people, over the stall, stall more popular, more prosperous, so it is not necessary to pull the number of how many people, like many people, have tens of millions of cattle, of course to so many people, is certainly making money, but taking into account the cost? In fact, comparison, I pulled 10 thousand people come in, and is the stable member, and then I this square was built up, OK, I can’t let my ten thousand people do nothing, or just do a few things ah, that only a few things to do, why members >

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