Warrens set to open fourth store in seven months

first_imgWarrens Bakery is continuing its rapid expansion across the UK after announcing it will open a new store at Cornhill in Bridgwater, Somerset.Opening on 14 August, the franchised site will be operated by local entrepreneur James Tucker. “With Bridgwater being both my home town and the base of our business, it presented the ideal opportunity for our first store,” said Tucker. “I believe there is a real gap in the market here for a premium bakery like Warrens.”Warrens recently opened two new Hampshire sites in Eastleigh and Southampton and said that 2017 was quickly becoming the year of the “Cornish pasty takeover”. “We have big expansion plans in the region, with 20 stores over the next five years and can’t wait to build on our partnership and greet customers who may be more used to seeing our stores when holidaying down by the Cornish coast,” said Warrens Bakery chairman Mark Sullivan.Warrens was recently announced as a finalist in the Baking Industry Awards 2017 in The Craft Business Award category.last_img read more

The beep ball player

first_imgDuring the summer, Aqil Sajjad found himself lost in Columbus, Ga., and asked a passerby to point him in the direction of the store he was seeking. But Sajjad was closer than he knew.The stranger, no doubt perplexed, asked in a slow Southern burr, “Are you blind?”The man wasn’t being rude, insisted Sajjad, who chuckles when recalling the incident. “He really wanted to know.”Sajjad is indeed blind, and while he has had to make adjustments to cope with the retina detachments that stole his sight — his right eye at age 10, his left at 16 — that hasn’t dampened his lust for life. That trip to Georgia, Sajjad’s first, was to compete in the World Series of Beep Baseball with his team, the Association of Blind Citizens’ Boston Renegades.A modified version of baseball created for blind players, beep ball utilizes a noisemaking ball, delivered by a sighted pitcher to a blindfolded batter. The sighted, the partly sighted, and the sightless play on an even level.Sajjad, a Harvard teaching fellow in physics and a Ph.D. candidate, admits that playing baseball instead of cricket makes him grimace just a little, since cricket is the sport du jour in his native Pakistan.“My attitude toward baseball is that of the usual smugness that anyone in a cricket-playing country has toward baseball,” he said with a laugh. “If it were literature, it’d be like comparing a classic to a trash novel.”But he has found a community with the Boston Renegades, where two of his teammates also hail from Harvard: player Joe McCormick ’14 and defense coach Nicholas Chisholm, a Ph.D. candidate in applied physics and research assistant in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. (McCormick has an ocular disease called Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy; Chisholm is sighted.)The Renegades placed ninth in the Georgia series. “Our team used to lose, lose, lose,” said Sajjad. “But we’re on the verge of a takeoff.”Sajjad, primarily a third baseman, is “probably the hardest-working player on the team,” said Chisholm. “He even has a room in his apartment dedicated entirely to practicing his swing. Given all his hard work, he can often drive the ball further than his much larger teammates. He’s one of our best defenders and is one of our starting players, usually.”Born in France while his father was working for UNESCO, Sajjad said he had an early aptitude for science. “I was always interested by technical things,” he recalled. “If I watched a crane, I’d be fascinated by that.” He always loved sports too, and played cricket until the second retina detachment took his sight, and with it his ability to play sports — until he arrived at Harvard.Here, a mobility instructor hired by the University told Sajjad about the Renegades.“Beep ball has drastically improved both my life and Aqil’s because we were both able to re-engage with competitive sports after losing our sight,” said McCormick.“Additionally, the connections with players on the team have been tremendously helpful in terms of dealing with our visual impairments. We have players who work at a variety of blind agencies throughout Massachusetts, as well as specialize in different types of technology, and are always available to lend a helping hand.”Sajjad, now nearing graduation, said he and his teammates have calling cards when they step up to bat. When McCormick is at the plate, the team shouts “Joe Mack, way back,” and they chant “Aqil for real” for Sajjad.“We’re a very fun team and really enjoy every moment of being together both on and off the field. And none of this would be possible without our amazing coaches. They are all sighted, have no prior connection with us, and yet they spend an enormous amount of time just to make it possible for us to play,” he said.On campus, Sajjad has memorized the routes to the lab and the dining hall. He navigates with the aid of a cane and advocates for a more blind-friendly campus. He avidly follows cricket news and Pakistani politics. “There’s a Chinese proverb, ‘May you live in interesting times,’” he said, “and now it seems like Pakistan has broken the cycle of military rule.”The Renegades won’t play again until next spring, so Sajjad is now focused on fundraising for the team. Last year, the team screened a movie and “begged outside of a Shaw’s,” he said. The players hope to attend more tournaments next year.Playing a sport is “something I really missed being able to do after I lost my sight,” Sajjad said. “It really does give me a high. If I go anywhere else after leaving Harvard and can’t continue on, it’ll be a big gap in my life.”For more information about volunteering or playing for the Boston Renegades, visit http://www.blindcitizens.org/renegades/.last_img read more

40-Year-Old Man Shot By State Police Overnight In Cattaraugus County

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) WNY News Now Image.PORTVILLE – A 40-year-old man was shot by New York State Police early New Years Day after troopers say he advanced towards them armed with a bow and arrow.Around 1:30 a.m. on Friday troopers with the State Police Barracks in Olean responded to a violent domestic incident dispatched by Cattaraugus Sheriff’s Office on Yubadam Road in Portville.After arriving at the residence and speaking with the victim, police say a male suspect, later identified as 40-year-old Ryan Ehman, advanced towards them armed with a bow and arrow.Troopers say they gave several commands for Ehman to drop the weapon, and after he failed to comply, a trooper discharged his division issued firearm striking Ehman. Ehman was taken into custody and transported to Erie County Medical Center via Mercy Flight for injuries.Police say this is an ongoing investigation and criminal charges are pending in the case.last_img read more

Tickets Now Available to See Sam Shepard’s A Particle of Dread Off-Broadway

first_imgTickets are now on sale for the U.S. premiere of Sam Shepard’s A Particle of Dread (Oedipus Variations), which has also extended two weeks off-Broadway and will now play through January 4, 2015. Directed by Nancy Meckler, the production will star Oscar nominee Stephen Rea and Tony winner Brid Brennan. Performances will begin on November 11 at Alice Griffin Jewel box Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center, with opening night set for November 23. A Particle of Dread is a dark, modern-day take on Oedipus Rex. The play premiered in Ireland and is presented as part of Signature’s Legacy program, which features works of past Signature Playwrights-in-Residence. Related Shows View Comments A Particle of Dread (Oedipus Variations) The cast will also include Lloyd Hutchinson, Jason Kolotouros, Matthew Rausch, Aidan Redmond and Judith Roddy. Scenic design will be by Frank Conway, with costumes by Lorna Marie Mugan, lighting design by Michael Chybowski, sound design Jill BC Du Boff and music by Neil Martin. Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 4, 2015last_img read more

State of the art Health Club now open in Essex Junction

first_imgHammer Fit is Vermonts newest health and fitness center. The club offers Hammer Strength training equipment. The equipment is designed for joint comfort and natural planes of motion. The facility houses plenty of treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and elliptical trainers. Operations Director Jason Lefebvre states, The equipment is perfect for people of all fitness levels and it is ideal for people rehabilitating injuries.Hammer Fit brings a fresh attitude towards health and fitness. Personal Trainers set up all new members with a workout routine and goal assessment. There is also a Yolates studio located in the Essex Shoppes Complex. Yolates offers yoga, pilates, and a number of core classes.Hammer Fit opened on February 9th of 2005. The club now has close to 300 members. Sales Director Casey Garvey said, Members appreciate our hands on approach to fitness. We are committed to helping all of our members reach their fitness goals. Our personal trainers take a proactive approach to helping our members. I want every person that comes here to be educated to train efficiently and effectively.A Hammer Fit membership is unique because members are given a great deal of rewards. Members receive discounts at the Essex Shoppes and Cinema, The Inn at Essex and the New England Culinary Institute. The club offers affordable memberships, couple discounts, student rates, monthly draft memberships, senior discounts, corporate specials and much more. The club is located in the Essex Shoppes and Cinema Complex off route 15 in Essex Junction.For more information contact Casey Garvey.Hammer Fit21 Essex Way Suite 115Essex Junction, VT 05452(802) 878-0444last_img read more

BRO-TV: Unicycling 101

first_imgUnicyling 101 from Blue Ridge Outdoors on Vimeo.In 2012 Gen Shimizu spent the summer unicycling the 2,754-mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route – you can read his story here. In Unicycling 101 he shares some tips on learning how to unicycle with our Travel Editor Jess Daddio for this episode of BRO-TV.last_img

Brazilian and US Marines Engage in Joint Training Exercise, Solidify Relationships

first_img After six weeks of joint training exercises in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the first Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET) exercise between the 3rd U.S. Marine and Special Operations Command Battalion (USMARSOC) and the Brazilian Marine Corps’ elite Fuzileiros Navais concluded in late September. Lieutenant Colonel Jon Duke, Commander of the 3rd Marine and Special Operations Battalion explained that the JCET team has been preparing to increase their engagements with the Brazilian Marine Corps since 2010 with the purpose of deepening their relationship with their Brazilian counterparts. “Due to Brazil’s increasing role as a global power and important U.S. partner, the USMARSOC JCET team prepared, for this exercise for 18 months,” said LtCol Duke. The military-to-military engagement with the Brazilian Fuzileiros Navais focused on the exchange of tactics procedures including direct action and special reconnaissance tactics such as close-quarters battle skills. For his part, Colonel Fernando Jose Afonso Ferreira de Sousa, commander of the Toneleros, the special operations battalion within the Brazilian Fuzileiros Navais, stated, “The exchange between the units was important to learn from the experiences of each other.” Some of the highlights included seeing the different types of terrain that Brazilian Fuzileiros train and operate in, because the participating U.S. Marines were used to operating in the Middle East. “An overall lesson we all took back is that Marines are Marines all around the world,” stated LtCol Duke. Among others, the participants also trained in specific marksmanship skills, including sniper skills that are beneficial to both sides. “We were very impressed with the Fuzileiros’ professionalism and experience in reconnaissance skills,” said LtCol Duke when discussing the lessons the U.S. Marines took from their Brazilian counterparts. “The Brazilian culture is so rich, it was an impressive aspect of the overall experience, too,” he added. But in working together, the U.S. also left behind important lessons for the Brazilians. The integration of intelligence and operations at the team level and the integration of intelligence at a very tactical level were important aspects of the joint training that the U.S. Marines showed their Brazilian partners. “The MARSOC team provided the highest quality personnel, training, and capabilities, and developed a lasting camaraderie with the Toneleros”, added Col. Ferreira de Sousa. During the six weeks of training, the participants of both countries built solid relationships that will pave the way ahead for future engagements. By Dialogo October 12, 2011last_img read more

Second DCA to share space at Stetson

first_imgFor judges at the Tampa branch of the Second District Court of Appeal, it’s a case of it never being too late to go back to school. In this instance, it’s the new Tampa campus of the Stetson University College of Law.But it’s not for learning the judges are returning, although the result could be considered an education for the court, the law school, and the public about sharing facilities and benefits.The university and the court have struck a deal that Stetson will build offices for the court at the new law school, which will be aimed at part-time and night law school students. The public-private partnership has caught the fancy of the legislature, and both the House and Senate have included money in their proposed budgets to proceed with the project.“It’s sort of a win-win for both sides,” said Judge Chris Altenbernd, who is overseeing the deal. “To be able to demonstrate a public-private partnership like this, we’re pretty proud of being able to dream this up.”“We think that this is a great event for the law school and the court because it enables us to work together in some unique ways,” said Stetson law Dean Gary Vause. “placing the court in the building with the law school, that will obviously allow the court to use the resources of the law school, including our library, which will have a larger collection than found typically in a court.”Lawyers coming to the court will also have access to the library and hence will also benefit, he noted.“It will be a tremendous learning opportunity for our students to be able to go in and observe court sessions, right there on their own campus,” Vause said.The arrangement had its genesis several years ago when the Second DCA’s Tampa branch, which now rents space from Hillsborough County in its courthouse annex building, began looking at constructing a new building.The legislature appropriated design and study money (and did the same for a proposed branch for the First DCA in Jacksonville) and the city of Tampa offered an attractive site at a good price.“We were working in that direction when the downturn in the economy, 9/11, and a dozen other factors caused people to realize that a new building in either Jacksonville or Tampa is not a good idea,” Altenbernd said. “The court decided not to pursue a stand-alone courthouse. That meant since we were going to be evicted in a few years [because the county needs the space], we had to find another solution.”Fellow Judge Thomas E. Stringer, a Stetson trustee, mentioned that Stetson was planning the branch law school, and the city was offering the same site it used to try to lure the new Florida A&M University law school to the city. The judges figured if the law school added a floor to the planned two-story structure, the appellate court could share the facility.Since it was planned as primarily a night and part-time law school, the judges could use the parking, courtroom, law library, and other facilities during the day, and the students would have it at night.“We rather quickly worked out an oral understanding that they were interested in building that space for us,” Altenbernd said. “We would lease a floor of their building, probably around 20,000 square feet, and we would put our offices on that floor.”A side benefit, he added, is the deal will enhance the court’s ongoing program of using Stetson law students as interns. “We run four to six law students as interns every year in the court, and this arrangement will make it easy to maintain that level and maybe expand it,” he said.Legislators also liked the idea and in a tight budget year appropriated $435,000 for the program.Vause said part-time students will be able to take courses both at the new school and at the existing Gulf Port campus, and Stetson also hopes to offer a wide range of continuing legal education courses for lawyers at the new facility.“We are also exploring new degree programs that will be offered during the day as well as the evening,” Vause said, adding that he couldn’t release any more details because those plans are still pending before the ABA.Construction on the law school is set to start in late spring or early summer, with the court beginning to move into its new offices in June 2003. May 1, 2002 Regular News Second DCA to share space at Stetsoncenter_img Second DCA to share space at Stetsonlast_img read more

Drive-thru COVID-19 testing coming to Broome County

first_img(WBNG) — Governor Announced Cuomo announced the state will start conducting drive-thru testing in Broome County this week. To make an appointment call the COVID Hotline Phone Number at 1-888-364-3065. Cuomo says people will not be able to just show up at a drive-thru testing center, but rather, they have to make an appointment. Further details, such as locations, were not announced. Erie, Monroe, Niagara and Oneida counties will also open up drive thru coronavirus testing locations.last_img read more

LandSecs appoints Lend Lease retail man

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