Health progress for women

first_imgSpeaking quietly yet passionately, Julio Frenk, physician and dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, drew connections between the changing roles of women and the implications for global health during a speech Nov. 2 at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.“Health offers a window through which we can understand the most pressing challenges to women in our globalized world,” said Frenk, a former secretary of health for Mexico and a champion for women’s health during his government stintDelivering the 2009-10 Maurine and Robert Rothschild Lecture before a packed audience, he stressed the evolution of the perception of women’s health from “maternal” health to “reproductive” health to “women and health,” outlining a series of concentric circles that reflected growing gender equity globally. “In health matters, the world has become a single neighborhood,” he said.To put his remarks in context, Frenk sketched a few startling examples of how human health has shifted in a century: Life expectancy more than doubled, from 30 years in 1900 to 62 in 1985; in 2000, older people outnumbered younger ones; and by 2007 the urban population outnumbered the rural population.More significantly, the world achieved “replacement fertility” in 2003. “This means that the average woman started having just enough children during her lifetime to replace herself and the father in the following generation,” said Frenk, the T & G Angelopoulos Professor of Public Health and International Development.Still, huge disparities exist between health in developed and developing countries. Moreover, health advances show how “the whole meaning of disease has been transformed.” Previously, disease, particularly among children, was marked by acute episodes from which either one recovered or died. Now many people spend much of their lives coping with chronic illnesses. People speak, Frenk said, of “living with AIDS” or “living with cancer.” Citing writer Susan Sontag, he said, “We all now have dual citizenship in the kingdom of the health and the kingdom of the sick.”Frenk also discussed the challenges of instituting health reform in Mexico from 2001 to 2006, after research showed that more than half of health expenditures for health there were paid out-of-pocket, despite the general belief that the Mexican health system was based on public funding. “We know that health is one of the most effective ways of fighting poverty, yet medical care can itself become an impoverishing factor for families,” he said.In an effort with some resemblance to the U.S. health reform debate, Frenk described instituting a federal and state funding effort to subsidize family premiums; by June 2009, 30 million had been enrolled. But Frenk also focused on women’s health, such as reducing maternal deaths, with increased supplies of drugs and safe blood. More controversial was his effort to provide birth control implants, female condoms, and the “morning after” pill, which faced opposition from the Catholic Church and from conservative groups.  Eventually, however, the decision was “backed by the majority of women, even with the most religious segments of the population.”Thus, Frenk argued, scientific evidence can create support for controversial policy decisions, even counteracting the pressure of conservative institutions.Also, Frenk said, new initiatives looked at women’s health overall, such as stiffening domestic violence laws and promoting diagnostic tools for breast and cervical cancer. In the last of Frenk’s concentric circles, he mentioned efforts to address the role of women as health providers — as family members, professionals, and traditional indigenous practitioners.“The concentric circles are meant to convey the complex connections between women and health, particularly in these times of profound globalization when, out of economic, security, and ethical considerations, we cannot afford to be oblivious to the fate of any person,” Frenk said.During the question-and-answer period, one woman, noting that the vast majority of Frenk’s audience was female, wondered if it was possible to move forward on some issues if only women were paying attention.Frenk acknowledged that “machismo” was a problem but that “we need to be very explicit” that equity in health is an issue of importance to both men and women.last_img read more

Facing Job Loss.

first_imgThousands of Americans are facing either the reality or the threat of job loss. If you, or someone close to you, faces unemployment, here are some things to keep in mind: Rebuild your emotional strength before you begin working on the road to recovery. Losing a job under any circumstances is traumatic to most people. You will naturally go through a grieving process. Let yourself grieve and recover emotionally. Don’t be afraid to take a time out from your concerns. Go for long walks. Rest more. Relax more. Try to refresh your spirit with whatever books, music, activities or rituals you find comforting and inspiring. Nurture positive thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to positive action. Know that you have been successful in the past and will be successful again. Reach out to family and friends. Let them help you. Use this fateful event as an opportunity to refocus your values and redefine your goals. Identify what’s most important in your life and define your goals accordingly. Don’t dwell on the things you can’t control. Instead, work on the things you can control.Survival Steps As soon as you feel strong enough, take the necessary steps to survive hard times: Notify creditors of your situation and inform them of your ability and plans to make payments. However, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Sit down with the members of your household and list all expenses. Determine which expenses can be eliminated, reduced or deferred. Make cuts that are really going to count. Develop revised written budgets covering the next several months, based on the new information you develop. Control your spending accordingly. Use new credit only for absolute necessities that cannot be delayed, forgone or paid for in any other way. Keep careful account of the credit used. Take steps to regain employment. And take advantage of available programs, benefits and insurance to supplement your income. Seek help that you need and follow through in using it. Make use of community resources to maintain health, vitality and a positive outlook. Eat well, sleep well and maintain social contacts.Comfort, Don’t Cheer If family members or friends are facing job loss, remember that grieving is a natural process. Grieve with them. Don’t try to cheer them up before they’re ready. Support them emotionally with your presence, your assurances and your willingness to listen. Be a good companion, providing sincere interest, compassion and positive talk. The best motivation is often the high regard and high expectations our friends have for us. Present a canvas filled with sincere compliments, exciting challenges and positive expectations. Above all, provide the practical help your loved one needs while recovering emotionally. Help do the tasks that need to be done and help shoulder the concerns that need to be shouldered so recovery can proceed quickly.last_img read more

National Life plugs into the sun

first_imgNational Life plugs into the sunFinancial Services Company Turns On Largest Solar Project in VermontMontpelier, Vermont (November 19, 2008) _ Electricity from the largest solar electric installation in Vermont – an array of 418 solar panels – is now helping to power National Life Group’s Montpelier headquarters.As the sun peeked out from the clouds, National Life CEO Thomas H. MacLeay and Gov. Jim Douglas joined together today in a rooftop ceremony to commission the new system and to praise the public-private financial partnership that made the project possible.A $200,000 state grant helped finance the $500,000 73 kW photovoltaic (PV) system.”This project is exactly what we envisioned when we created the Clean Energy Development Fund,” said the Governor. “We are supporting a diversified portfolio of clean energy technologies and leveraging private investments.”MacLeay said the combination of the state grant, federal and state tax credits and a solar incentive program from Green Mountain Power Co., made the project feasible.”This project makes economic sense,” said MacLeay. “More importantly, it makes environmental sense.””Emissions from electricity generation using fossil fuels are considered the leading contributor to global warming,” he said. “Solar has zero emissions.”National Life is eligible for a new incentive from Green Mountain Power. The SolarGMP program, which works with existing “net metering” programs, pays customers for all solar energy generated at a rate of 6 cents per kilowatthour above and beyond any net metering payments.”We are thrilled to support National Life’s very significant addition of solar in Vermont,” said Mary Powell, president and chief executive officer of Green Mountain Power. “We are convinced that by supporting major installations like this one at National Life, solar will become an important part of Vermonts energy future.”Ms. Powell also delivered a $40,000 check to MacLeay as part of a Green Mountain Power grant program.Leigh Seddon, vice president of engineering for Solar Works Inc., which installed the system, said, “National Life’s commitment to the environment is evident and we look forward to continuing our relationship with this project and with the planned installation of an upcoming solar thermal project.”That project, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year, calls for 20 thermal collectors – 800 square feet of collector area – to be set on the roof. Projections are those collectors will be able to supply more than half of the hot water for National Life.”Vermont has tremendous sunshine,” said Seddon. “We have 30 percent more annual solar radiation here than in Germany, which is No. 1 in the world for installed solar. There is tremendous solar potential in this state.”The solar initiative is one of more than two dozen energy-related projects National Life has undertaken in the six years MacLeay has been CEO. Under his stewardship National Life Group has taken a leadership role pioneering a variety of environmental initiatives.That campaign will reach an impressive milestone at the end of this year when National Life hopes to win coveted LEED certification for its Montpelier headquarters. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Experts say LEED certification for National Life’s headquarters would be a first for a 50-year-old facility anywhere in the country. About National Life GroupNational Life Group (NLGroup) is a diversified family of financial service companies that has successfully forged a strong identity as a product innovator. Companies in the group offer a comprehensive portfolio of life insurance, annuity and investment* products to help individuals, families and businesses pursue their financial goals.NLGroup, a Fortune 1000 company, serves more than 700,000 customers. With 2007 combined revenue of $1.4 billion and net income of $109 million, NLGroup employs roughly 900 employees, with most located at its home office in Montpelier, Vt. Group companies also maintain offices in Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Boston and Philadelphia.The Group is made up of its flagship company, National Life Insurance Company, chartered in Montpelier, Vermont in 1848; Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, Dallas, Texas, and Sentinel Investments, Equity Services, Inc. and National Retirement Plan Advisors Inc., all based in Montpelier and are all affiliates. National Life Insurance Co. is licensed to do business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Life Insurance Company of the Southwest is licensed to do business in 48 states and the District of Columbia. It is not licensed in New York. Each company is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. Sentinel Investments is a unifying brand name for Sentinel Financial Services Co., Sentinel Asset Management, Inc., and Sentinel Administrative Services, Inc.” Securities are offered through Registered Representatives of Equity Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC, One National Life Drive, Montpelier, Vermont 50604 (802) 229-3900. National Life Group is a trade name of National Life Insurance Co., Montpelier, Vt., and its affiliates.About Solar Works, Inc.Founded in 1980, Solar Works is a full service renewable energy systems integrator and project developer providing solar electric (photovoltaic) and solar thermal solutions for commercial, education and institutional clients. Solar Works has industry leading expertise in engineering, design, project management, performance analysis, project financing and renewable energy credit programs. Solar Works breadth of experience means cost-effective clean energy projects delivered on-time and on-budget for their clients. Solar Works is a SunPower Premier Dealer with direct buying relationships with Schott Solar, Schuco and Suntech. For more information, please visit is external)About Green Mountain PowerGreen Mountain Power ( is external)) is an electric utility owned by Northern New England Energy Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gaz Métro, a leading Québec energy company with a long history of investment in Vermont. Green Mountain Power transmits, distributes and sells electricity and utility construction services in the State of Vermont in a service territory with approximately one quarter of Vermonts population. It serves approximately 94,000 customers.last_img read more

CUs must be designated essential services on state, local level

first_img continue reading » It is vitally important credit unions be designated essential services during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, CUNA wrote to state leadership organizations Monday.The Treasury issued guidance earlier designating financial services as essential critical infrastructure last week, and CUNA’s letter urges state leadership organization members to include credit unions in any policy their state or locality might enact to ensure they are designated as essential services.“Credit unions continue to help their members and communities through this economic uncertainty. From suspending loan payments to providing low interest short term loan options and financial counseling, our credit unions are proving real solutions and critical services to many who have been caught off guard by this crisis,” the letter reads. “More than 2,100 credit unions, serving nearly 46 million members, have a primary field of membership that includes school, military, health care, police, fire, transportation, utilities, and government employees. These credit unions and others are serving members who are on the front lines of helping to keep others safe during this crisis.” ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

German economy to shrink by nearly 10% in Q2: experts

first_imgTopics : The second-quarter plunge is twice as big as any seen during the 2008-2009 financial crisis and marks the steepest fall since the institutes’ records began in 1970, the report noted.Over the full year, Germany’s economy is predicted to contract by 4.2 percent.Their forecast is in line with German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier’s recent assessment that the economy would contract by around five percent in 2020.Germany’s “Wise Men” council of economic experts last week issued a similar forecast, predicting a drop in GDP of between 2.8 and 5.4 percent this year. Like countries around the world, the German government has taken drastic steps to stem the spread of the virus, keeping millions of people at home, closing schools and shops and shutting down factories.Berlin has also unveiled an eye-watering 1.1 trillion euro rescue package to cushion the blow for companies and employees, even suspending a constitutional balanced-budget rule to ramp up its response.The package includes state guarantees for loans to businesses, easier access to benefits for workers placed on reduced hours, and direct support for the hardest-hit firms.But even with the unprecedented measures, the six institutes warned that the recession “would leave its mark” on the job market.Germany has long enjoyed record-low unemployment of around five percent, and German workers with their relatively high wages have for years been a key driver of the country’s growth via domestic consumption.Unemployment could climb to 5.9 percent report this year, the institutes said.The number of workers on shorter hours meanwhile is expected to hit 2.4 million, as giants like Lufthansa, Volkswagen, BMW and Puma join a slew of companies taking up a government scheme that tops up the pay of affected employees.Looking ahead, the institutes said Germany with its bulging state coffers was “well positioned” to cope with the economic slump and should bounce back in “the medium term”.For 2021, the institutes expert Germany to notch up growth of 5.8 percent.center_img The German economy, Europe’s biggest, is expected to shrink by nearly 10 percent in the second quarter as the coronavirus paralyzes the country, six leading research institutes warned Wednesday.”The corona pandemic will trigger a serious recession in Germany,” the think tanks including Ifo, DIW and RWI said in their annual spring report.Gross domestic product likely contracted by 1.9 percent in the first three months of 2020, and is set to shrink by a whopping 9.8 percent in the second quarter as companies feel the pain from widespread shutdowns.last_img read more

Arsenal defender Rob Holding not keen on West Ham loan switch

first_imgRob Holding is not keen on a West Ham switch (Picture: Arsenal FC via Getty Images)Arsenal defender Rob Holding is not interested in a loan move to West Ham, despite the Hammers coming in with a £5m offer to take him on a season-long deal.Holding had been thought to be surplus to requirements at the Emirates and available for transfer this summer, with the likes of Newcastle also interested in his services.However, the centre-back started the Community Shield as Arsenal beat Liverpool and played 90 minutes of the opening game of the season as the Gunners kept a clean sheet in a 3-0 win over Fulham.There is plenty of competition in the middle of defence at Arsenal, especially since the signings of Gabriel Magalhaes and William Saliba, but Holding appears to be confident in the fight for his place.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTThe Sun reports that the 24-year-old is ready to turn down a short-term move to West Ham, even if Arsenal were prepared to accept the substantial loan fee on offer.Holding’s chance to prove himself to manager Mikel Arteta is set to continue with Shokdran Mustai, Pablo Mari, Sokratis Papastathopoulous, David Luiz and Calum Chambers all out injured.More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CitySokratis and Mustafi are available for transfer with Napoli keen on the former, while interest in the latter appears limited.Holding appears to have climbed up the pecking order, though, and is likely to start on Saturday against West Ham, who will have to contend with what they have missed out on.David Moyes’ side got off to a really poor start to the season last weekend, losing 2-0 at home to Newcastle and the Scot is desperate to add to his central defensive options, having tried and failed to sign Burnley’s James Tarkowski earlier in the summer.MORE: Santi Cazorla congratulates Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang over new Arsenal contractMORE: Emiliano Martinez reveals how Mikel Arteta reacted when he asked to leave ArsenalFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Advertisement Advertisement Arsenal defender Rob Holding not keen on West Ham loan switchcenter_img Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 16 Sep 2020 7:33 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.9kShares Commentlast_img read more

Balder X subsea contract goes to Baker Hughes and Ocean Installer

first_imgNorwegian oil and gas company Vår Energi has awarded a contract covering engineering, procurement, construction and installment (EPCI) of subsea systems (SPS/SURF) for the Balder X project to a consortium of Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), and Ocean Installer.The ongoing Balder X Project includes the redevelopment of the Balder and Ringhorne field area in the North Sea offshore Norway.The Balder X Project will extend the life of the Jotun A FPSO towards 2045 through refurbishing it and relocating it to the Balder license PL 001, the first production license on the Norwegian continental shelf.If production proceeds according to the current estimates, the Balder X Project will give PL 001 a total lifespan of over 80 years, Vår Energi said in a statement on Friday.Kristin Kragseth, CEO of Vår Energi, said: “We are pleased to award this important contract to the BHGE and Ocean Installer consortium. It will provide new activity to the world-class oil service industry we have in the Stavanger region. Both consortium companies a have strong local presence, and large portions of the construction and engineering work will come from local suppliers, securing employment in the region.”Under the contract the consortium companies will engineer, procure, construct and install new subsea production systems (SPS), umbilicals, risers and flowlines to the Jotun A FPSO. BHGE and Ocean Installer will also carry out decommissioning and cleaning up the seabed by removing redundant subsea systems and equipment from the Jotun field.Kevin Murphy, CEO, Ocean Installer said: “The Balder X project is the largest award in Ocean Installer’s history, it doubles our order backlog and allows us to be part of Vår Energi’s first major development in this region.”The redevelopment of the Vår Energi-operated Balder and Ringhorne fields entails major future project activities. This includes extending the lifetime of the Jotun A FPSO towards 2045, extending the life of the Balder FPSO towards 2030, drilling of 15 new production wells in the Balder field area and 11 new production wells in the Ringhorne field area.Vår Energi is also planning to execute several exploration drilling campaigns, in addition to the extensive production drilling program.Tom Huuse, Director, Norway and Denmark, BHGE said: “Through our Subsea Connect approach, leveraging early engagement with our customer, we were able to optimize the development cost of this significant award.”Vår Energi has reserves and resources of more than 1,250 million barrels of oil equivalent (Mboe), and is expected to reach a daily production of 250,000 barrels of oil equivalent by 2023. This will require developing more than 500 million barrels of oil equivalent in over ten existing projects in Vår Energi’s development portfolio on the Norwegian continental shelf.Vår Energi is on track to become Norway’s second-largest E&P company following an agreement with ExxonMobil to buy its offshore oil field interests in Norway for $4.5 billion.last_img read more

New Peer-Reviewed Study Affirms the Reality of Porn Addiction 21 July 2015Contrary to recent claims, pornography addiction is no illusion. A recent peer-reviewed study that appeared in the journal “Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity” affirms the reality of porn addiction, and supports the addiction model. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation contends that this information is of vital importance for both medical professionals and those affected by porn addiction in order to facilitate accurate treatment and healing.Years ago, those who struggled with alcohol and drug addictions were belittled as having a weak character instead of a disease that necessitated treatment and rehabilitation. Now those who face addictions to sex and pornography are being similarly maligned by recent studies that allege that their enslavement to sexual stimuli is not true addiction. The study “Sex Addiction as a Disease: Evidence for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Response to Critics” exposes the truth that sex addiction follows the same patterns as drug and alcohol addiction.This study states that, “the realities of addiction in our country and in the world must be faced. One of these realities includes accepting natural or process aspects of addiction, such as sex, food, and gambling as integral to the disease processes just as chemicals, such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.”Instead of isolating those who struggle with porn or sex addiction, it is time to begin focusing on offering them the resources they need. To learn more about the research related to the harms of pornography, visit read more

Sentencing law overhaul needed – Labour leader Andrew Little says

first_imgSentencing law overhaul needed so offenders don’t get off ‘scot-free’, Labour leader Andrew Little saysStuff 5 October 2016Family First Comment: Well said.New Zealand’s sentencing laws need an overhaul to stop offenders “getting off scot-free” without a conviction, Labour leader Andrew Little says.Little says some judges are getting it wrong when granting discharges without conviction, saying Parliament has to send a message that it is not acceptable.Wellington rugby player Losi Filipo’s discharge without conviction for a 2015 attack on four people is being appealed by police, while an Auckland man who beat his wife with a hammer was initially granted a discharge without conviction before the High Court overturned the decision.Little told The Paul Henry Show discharges without conviction in a number of recent cases had “left everybody scratching their heads”.“When there’s violence involved, when there’s a weapon involved, when you’re attacking a police officer or other frontline person like that, it doesn’t make sense that you kind of get off scot-free.”While judges had to take certain “aggravating factors” into account when determining a sentence, some did not seem to be giving them enough weight when granting a discharge without conviction.The courts had a duty to reflect the community’s expectations and concerns about crime.READ MORE: read more

Priest with southeastern Indiana ties implicated in abuse allegation

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — A priest with ties to southeastern Indiana has suspended following an allegation of child abuse. Father John Maung, 79, from the Indianapolis Diocese, has been suspended by officials while the investigation is pending.Father Maung has denied the claim.Maung served at the St. Gabriel Catholic Church in Connersville and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Shelbyville. He retired in 2009 but served some sacraments at parishes in the diocese.Officials from the Indiana Archdiocese are cooperating with authorities.The Indianapolis Archdiocese released the following statement:“Fr. John Maung, a priest for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, has been suspended after an individual made a report to the Archdiocese that they were abused as a child several decades ago by Fr. Maung. The Archdiocese immediately made a report to civil authorities and the Archdiocesan Review Board.Fr. Maung has denied the claim.Fr. Maung served in the following parishes: St. Lawrence, Indianapolis; St. Gabriel, Connersville and St. Joseph, Shelbyville. He also resided at Holy Spirit Parish in Indianapolis. Following his retirement in 2009, Fr. Maung continued to help with sacramental needs at parishes in the Archdiocese.Fr. Maung is prohibited from all public ministry while an investigation is pending.If you are a victim of sexual misconduct by a person ministering on behalf of the Church, or if you know of anyone who has been a victim of such misconduct, please contact civil authorities and the Archdiocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator Carla Hill at [email protected]” Carla Hill has served as the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ victim assistance coordinator since 2010.last_img read more