Ambassador Sulunteh Identifies with Victims in Bong

first_imgShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States, Canada and Mexico, Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, has donated 300 bags of 25kg rice to be distributed among Ebola-affected families and quarantined households in Bong County.Taylor-Town in Yellequlleh District and Barleketela in Salala District which were obstructed by the leadership of Bong County almost two weeks ago to control the spread of the deadly virus, received the bulk of the donation with one hundred bags of rice going to each of the affected districts.The Friends of Sulunteh leader in Bong County, John O. Flomo, asked representatives of the towns to convey Ambassador Sulunteh’s heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost loved ones to the disease.He said, though Amb. Sulunteh was far away and could not meet with the people on the ground, he however could hear their loud cry for support during this very difficult time.“Ambassador Sulunteh would have loved to be in Taylor-Town and speak directly to his people, but it is not possible now,”Mr.  Flomo said.He disclosed that since the outbreak of the virus in Liberia, Amb. Sulunteh has been looking critically at areas where he could intervene adding that the plight of Ebola affected families is one of those situations which almost moved him to tears.He said that recent media reports which brought to light the sufferings of Ebola suspects in some parts of the county  who went without food supplies for days and who are rationed four-cups of rice to each household a day when it is available regardless of their number, was key to his decision to get involved and assist.Mr. Flomo expressed the hope that the Ambassador’s intervention will draw the attention of the international community to the plight of those Ebola affected families and quarantined households in the county. He noted that people in quarantined homes left to starve will have serious implications for the Ebola fight. Flomo called on the international community, particularly WFP to focus on the feeding of Ebola affected persons and quarantined households.He pleaded with chiefs in the district and the county task force to urge the people of Taylor-Town and Barleketela to not only take maximum care to prevent infection, but to move vigorously to eradicate the Ebola virus entirely from their various communities.The disease, he lamented, has disrupted normal economic and social activities throughout the country and called on all Liberians to adhere to the Ebola key prevention messages to save lives and maintain the dignity of our country.Flomo, on behalf of the Liberian Ambassador, expressed the hope that the remaining one hundred bags of rice will go to Ebola affected families and quarantined households in other affected districts like Jorquelleh, Sanoyea, Salala and Fuamah maintaining that Sulunteh was also considering support to other vulnerable groups in the near future.Responding, the Town Chief of Taylor-Town, Peter Flomo, registered on behalf of the people of the area his profound thanks and appreciation for the timely intervention of Ambassador Sulunteh which he said would go a long way in alleviating the suffering of the people.He said the people of the area are not surprised at such intervention, noting that Sulunteh has always come to the rescue of the suffering people not only in Bong but Liberians generally.He assured Sulunteh that the people of Taylor-Town deeply appreciate the gesture which he said is coming at a time when it is needed the most and assured him that the donation will be used for the intended purpose.Yellequlleh District Commissioner Annie Reeves also expressed thanks and appreciation, saying that the people of the district consider Ambassador Sulunteh as one of their sons. Similar sentiments were expressed by Salala District Commissioner Karmon Kanneh.The donation is Amb. Sulunteh’s second intervention since the Ebola outbreak in March.It can be recalled that in September Amb. Sulunteh provided over three hundred bags of rice, an undisclosed amount of United States Dollars worth of disinfectants and cash donation to community residents and various taskforces in Bong, Margibi and Monsterrado Counties.last_img read more

Remee & The Lucid Dream Of Crowd Funding

first_imgWhat Nobody Teaches You About Getting Your Star… How to Get Started in China and Have Success The Crowd Funding BluesWasn’t that kind of depressing? “Dreams? Those are for people who sleep!”It seems that building the Remee, an inspired mission though it was, just turned out to be another grueling, low-margin hardware grind. Kickstarter allowed me to go shopping for an aspirational gadget, an accessory, and some talented guys knew they could ship it. They did what they set out to do in a bare-bones way. And that’s it. It’s a gadget, but nothing more.I don’t see this thing taking off. It’s awesome to have one, but it’s not easy to use. They could never do the kind of support they’d need to do to keep a bunch of run-of-the-mill customers happy. It’s an early-adopter-only product. This seems endemic to the Kickstarter model for gadgets.I talked to my friend (Disclosure: friend.) Micah Daigle about this matter. He’s a UX, branding and campaign designer currently consulting under the banner of Collective Agency, and crowd funding is one of his favorite tools to use and problems to solve.“People just get buried under how much they have to do,” Micah says. “This is sort of the dark side of crowd funding. When you have three investors, you only have to impress three people.” When you have thousands, you’re orders of magnitude more accountable whether you succeed or fail. Crowd funding might get products out the door, but is it really a better way than business as usual? The Wild WestCrowd funding platforms operate on a continuum. The real Wild West is Indiegogo, which has no screening process, and it has flexible funding, meaning projects can keep their funds even if they don’t make their goal. Giving to an Indiegogo campaign is a straight-up donation. You either have to believe in it or not care if it doesn’t work out.Kickstarter is more constrained. It dictates what kinds of campaigns can be run. “They created Kickstarter because they wanted to see creative projects get off the ground supported by patrons from the community,” Micah says. It was ideal for films and artistic works like that. Of course backers wanted to see the dream come true, but it was also designed to be about joining a movement.“What they nailed was a user experience format,” Micah says. They bundled the best storytelling device, namely video, a simple, clear call to action, and tiered rewards as an up-selling incentive. Backing a Kickstarter makes you feel like a part of something.As Micah helped me realize, this foundation gave rise to two basic kinds of crowd-funding project. There’s the kind where you give because you believe in the cause, and there’s the kind where you’re speculatively pre-ordering a product. Enterprising gizmo makers saw this and thought, “Oh, this is a great platform on which to pre-sell my project.” As with Remee, Pebble and others, it works after a fashion. But Kickstarters for physical products are set up for a letdown.Business More Like UsualThere are no guarantees about the end-to-end experience of a Kickstarter project because art has no guarantees. These gizmos are art, just like the films. “It’s a donation,” says Micah. He thinks there need to be more rules and explicit expectations about the differences between funding art versus gizmos, and they’re starting to emerge. “Kickstarter is not a store,” as its staff wrote in September.But there are also new crowd funding platforms coming out with stronger assumptions. Christie Street is exclusively for physical products, which are heavily vetted and come with more buyer and inventor protections. There are also more formal arrangements like Crowdfunder, which is trying out crowd-funded equity for small businesses, which Kickstarter explicitly does not allow.Failure Of ExpectationsBut just as much as we need new models for bringing great ideas into the world, we also need to adjust our expectations. “What we need to do is be a lot more understanding of failure as a culture,” Micah says. In Silicon Valley start-up culture, “fail fast” is a pervasive mantra. Failure is how you learn and get better. “We need to teach that to people and reset expectations around things,” Micah says.If we’re more okay with failure, that makes the risks of crowd-funded projects more acceptable. I knew when I backed Remee that I might not get it, and that even if I did, it might not work. In my mind, it’s not a failure. It’s a work of art.If I had walked into a store in a mall and bought this on a shelf, I’d probably want my money back. But I got this whole long, interesting Kickstarter experience alongside my programmable LED sleep mask. Who cares if I never actually had a lucid dream? For me, it was worth it for the story alone.  China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture Related Posts Tags:#Crowd Funding#Kickstarter jon mitchell It’s time to talk about the downside to these Kickstarter gizmos we keep buying. Do we have any bummed-out Pebble watch buyers in the house? Anybody buy an iPhone dock on Kickstarter only to have it obviated by the Lightning connector before you got it? I suspect there are many different versions of Kickstarter gizmo disappointment. Mine is the Remee lucid dream mask from Bitbanger Labs.Yes. I backed an LED sleep mask for stimulating lucid dreams on Kickstarter. I am a hippie-nerd like that. And now I’m paying the price.A Brief Foray Into Lucid DreamingLucid dreaming is a highly desirable state of consciousness in which you realize you’re dreaming, but you remain asleep. With practice, lucid dreamers can learn to control their dreams, fly around, breathe underwater, talk to Aristotle, go to a Jimi Hendrix concert, whatever they can conjure. Lucid dreaming was celebrated in cult films like Waking Life (my favorite movie ever), and there’s an awesome list of other references on Remee’s Kickstarter page.Conventional wisdom holds that one way to begin lucid dreaming is to remind yourself that you’re dreaming. That’s what the Remee lucid dreaming mask is supposed to do. It uses a timer, and its red LEDs blink patterns over your eyelids while you sleep. If you time it right, allegedly, you’ll see visual disturbances while you dream that will jar you into lucidity.I’ve had one lucid dream that I can remember. I was about 18, visiting Hong Kong, jet-lagged out of my mind. I dreamt I was back at my old elementary school, which was uncanny enough that I realized I was dreaming. I immediately tried to fly. It worked for a few seconds. I got about 20 feet off the ground before my expectations about the laws of gravity set in, and I sank back to the ground, forgetting I was dreaming. It was briefly amazing, though. I’ve wanted to regain that power ever since.Awakening From The DreamSo I backed the Remee. I knew it was an act of blind faith, and that the thing might not work — if I even got it at all. But I wanted to believe, so I voted for it. The Remee’s funding goal was $35,000, and the $80 level got you a mask. It raised $572,891, so it was a pretty massive hit. My mask took seven months to arrive, but founders Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan were communicative throughout the process, so I kept the faith and was psyched when I got it. In my first few weeks of testing, though, I’ve had zero results.For a while, the lights woke me up, so I used the Web-based, light-sensitive programming tool to adjust the timing and patterns, a totally cool and geeky experience. But now I just sleep through it every night.I didn’t exactly expect a magic bullet, but I loved what the founders wrote about dreaming on their Kickstarter. They seemed even more jazzed and inspired than I was. So I contacted them to talk about Remee. And that’s where the real bummer set in. Dreams Are For People Who SleepThey wouldn’t take a call with me. Too busy. So I settled for an email interview. I sent in five questions that I thought gave plenty of opportunity for creative answers. But I got a minimum viable email instead:ReadWrite: What got you into this problem? Why the interest in lucid dreaming? And where did you encounter the idea that this kind of technology could be used to stimulate them? Bitbanger Labs: We’ve both been lucid dreaming since we were kids, but it just happened to come up in conversation in the summer of 2011. We had already been working on some tech projects and were intrigued at the idea of marrying the two ideas.ReadWrite: How did you know there was a market for this? How widespread is the knowledge of the possibility of lucid dreaming?Bitbanger Labs: We weren’t entirely sure how large the market would be — Kickstarter is a perfect match for a product like this, because it allows you to gauge interest while you seek backers. We were, of course, blown away by the response. I think we had an inkling that the community of lucid dreamers on the Web was aching for a new product, but we had no idea how many people to whom we’d be introducing the concept.ReadWrite: What went into the particulars of the design decisions you made: number of LEDs, kinds of patterns available, timings of the intervals, that sort of thing?Bitbanger Labs: We wanted to find a nice middle ground between effectiveness, comfort and low power draw. Six LEDs worked well for our relatively small power source, a CR2032 battery. The patterns and intervals, all of which are customizable, were mostly trial and error. We had a lot of time with the mask prior to launch to really fine tune stuff like this.ReadWrite: How’s business? Has the idea caught on?Bitbanger Labs: People are still interested! I think the idea of controlling your dreams is compelling enough that even someone who has never thought about it can get hooked on the concept pretty easily. We’re proud of how many folks we’ve brought into the world of lucid dreaming, whether they decide to support Remee or not.ReadWrite: How have your dreams changed since you finished building this thing?Bitbanger Labs: Dreams? Those are for people who sleep! But really, we’re finally getting to a point where things are settling back down and we’re getting a normal amount of sleep. We’re definitely still wearing Remee ourselves, not just for the effects but to continue to work towards making it better.last_img read more

Over 80% polling in NE final phase

first_imgThe third and final phase of polling in five Lok Sabha seats across the northeastern States of Assam and Tripura recorded a voter turnout of more than 80% on Tuesday.Polling was conducted in 20 of the region’s 25 parliamentary seats in the previous two phases.Electoral officials in Assam said an average 80.12% voters had exercised their franchise in Barpeta, Dhubri, Gauhati, and Kokrajhar constituencies. Their Tripura counterpart said the poll percentage in the Tripura East seat was 80.04%.The figure in both States is expected to increase after reports from remote booths come in.EVM tampering Though polling in the two States was peaceful, faulty electronic voting machines irritated and frustrated voters in several booths. Officials said that such EVMs were replaced within a short time for polling to resume.Harekrishna Deka, Assam’s former Director General of Police, hinted at EVM tampering too after casting his vote at a booth in a central locality of Guwahati.“The EVM registered my vote in favour of a candidate I did not press the button for. When I took up the matter, the polling officials said I can challenge it by paying a fee of ₹2. They also warned that I will be punished if it is proved I made a false claim. I decided against challenging since there was no way I could prove it,” he said.About 4 km from where Mr. Deka voted, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur exercised their franchise at the Dispur Government Higher Secondary School that falls under the Dispur Assembly segment of the Gauhati LS seat. Mr. Singh has been a Rajya Sabha member from Assam since 1991. His current term expires on June 14.The degree of enthusiasm among voters was best exemplified by 68-year-old Bashir Ali, a cancer patient in the last stage of his ailment. Accompanied by his childhood friend Mukut Choudhury, he came from the hospital to cast his vote.The day also saw voters of Ekrajuli, a village under the Kokrajhar Lok Sabha seat, boycotting the polls to protest the government’s alleged indifference that deprived their area of various development schemes.last_img read more

New rules will benefit India: Roelant Oltmans

first_imgIndia’s high performance director Roelant OltmansIf you look at the attrition rate of India’s foreign hockey coaches, it would probably be an unofficial world record.As the start of the Asian Games in this port city gets closer, the men’s and women’s hockey teams have been training hard, knowing full well that excuses won’t work this time. Hockey has been provided the best possible inputs in the form of foreign coaches, physios, doctors and also a video analyst.As the women’s team waited to step into the team bus for its training session on Wednesday afternoon, Mail Today caught up with high performance director Roelant Oltmans and the women team’s assistant coach CR Kumar.Oltmans said the men’s team had an off day after three days of hard training while Wednesday was all about drills for the women’s team. The Dutchman spoke about the weather in Incheon being kind and how conditions were good for hockey.Not one to indulge in glib talk, Oltmans feels the new rules can benefit the Indians. So is the new pattern of four quarters in a match good or bad for Indian hockey and would it help the physically stronger teams? “I don’t think so at all. In the earlier system of two halves, countries with physically stronger players had an edge. In this new format, players with more skill can do better and stay on the turf for a longer duration,” Oltmans said.He also spoke about the new 40-second rule for taking a penalty corner, which came into effect this month. Though PC conversion has never been India’s strength, in today’s hockey, adapting fast to rule changes is key. In the good old days, when India and Pakistan dominated world hockey with flair and finesse, fitness was not paramount. As playing conditions changed and the game got more demanding on synthetic pitches, European players took advantage.advertisementIn Asian hockey, too, India and Pakistan felt the pressure as teams like South Korea exerted pressure with their physical superiority. This time, there is a lot at stake — winning gold at the Asian Games will secure a direct berth at the 2016 Rio Olympics. At the last Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010, India failed to win gold and had to go through the grind of Olympic qualification before botching up their big campaign in London. Those two campaigns were handled by coaches Jose Brasa and Michael Nobbs.Oltmans says apart from the change in playing conditions, how well the Indian men’s team plays on a given day will matter. He is aware that the job of high performance director means the pressure is as much on him as on the team. Kumar, though, lightened up the conversation. “The women’s team has been training hard for two years and I am aware that winning gold can book us the Rio Olympics berth,” said Kumar.”To have got till here has been thanks to pure hard work. We are aware the women’s teams from China, Japan and Korea are ranked higher than us in the world.”last_img read more

Overnight freeway closures on Interstate 5

first_img June 10, 2019 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A series of overnight freeway closures occurred last night through early Monday morning on southbound Interstate 5 in order to complete construction work between the I-5/Interstate-805 interchange and La Jolla Colony Drive.The I-5 south will be closed from the interchange to La Jolla Colony Drive from 9:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. each night, Sunday through Thursday, through at least June 28th.SANDAG says the closures will allow for construction of two Metropolitan Transit System trolley overpasses, which will span I-5 at Voigt Drive and south of Nobel Drive.After the work is completed, a full closure of northbound I-5 will also be required, though dates and work windows for the northbound closures have not yet been released. Categories: Local San Diego News, Traffic & Accidents FacebookTwitter Overnight freeway closures on Interstate 5 KUSI Newsroom center_img BEGINNING TONIGHT:GSA & Caltrans will alternate full freeway closures of SB I-5 and I-805 from SR-905 to the San Ysido POE through Wednesday from 10pm to 7am for roadway enhancements.— Caltrans San Diego (@SDCaltrans) June 10, 2019 Posted: June 10, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR A Shady Lane Resident Speaks Out IN FAVOR

first_imgDear Editor,This letter is directed at the people who have concerns and are opposing the special permit for a a detox facility on Middlesex Avenue.I applaud you all in wanting to protect your children and grandchildren from the ugly reality around addiction. That is one thing everybody is on the same page about. I encourage you all to read the police log as the Wilmington Apple posts it daily. Almost every week there is at least one drug or alcohol related incident. That’s alarming in the town my son is growing up in. On December 3rd a man was arrested for trafficking over 10 grams of fenantyl. There are so many alarming opioid epidemic statistics RISING at a scary rate that I just don’t have the time to read all of them to you today. Detox admissions in Massachusetts have more than tripled in the last 5 years. The number of overdose deaths in this state is more then 10x what it was 8 years ago. Close to 1800 just this year of confirmed opiate related deaths. If we continue the same approach towards addiction that we have these last 8 years then those numbers will surely continue to rise, and anybody can fall victim. Massachusetts has done a great job in effort to rid the stigma associated with addiction. I don’t want addiction to affect anybody the way it’s affected me before you change the way you view it. How is NOT LETTING a detox open going to protect your children? The statistics in Massachusetts alone, and your police log here in Wilmington make it very evident that unfortunately our community is already being affected by this epidemic.With that being said I understand there are some other concerns. All of which are tied directly to assumptions about addiction, what it is, who it happens to, how we treat it, what works and what doesn’t — most of which are ludicrous if you understood addiction but I will address them anyway. One being property values. Although there is no reliable statistics to prove this could happen as a direct result of a medical detox facility opening, I want you to ask yourself: if the detox doesn’t open and go in this vacant lot, what will? What is going to be opposed next that could potentially affect property values. The other concerns regarding this detox come from a place of concern. I understand that, but if you do enough research and realize how much our community has been affected by this epidemic, I think your concerns would change, considering the ugly truths around addiction are already right here in your neighborhood.YOU SHOULD ALREADY BE CONCERNED YOUR CHILDREN OR PETS COULD BE POKED BY AN IMPROPERLY DISPOSED NEEDLE, because it’s already happening. A detox would have sharps containers and people trained to deal with that kind of stuff. The applicant for this permit also specified he was willing to have 24/7 security. I can’t imagine somebody will be scattering needles in front of a security guard. Secondly, he also assured the board he is willing to find out what kind of waiver he can have patients sign so that police can be notified if a client AMAs and doesn’t follow proper procedure to be given a ride by staff somewhere out of the community or on a train.For the people who’s backyards are sharing property lines with the proposed site, you bought property sharing property lines with a vacant lot.What mostly baffles me is people saying that if the detox goes up, they will be moving because they are concerned for their children’s safety. I encourage you next time you buy a home to research your neighbors. Had you done that when you moved in you’d find many people whom have lived in my home with me have struggled with addiction, overdoses, section 35s, arrests, and drug related incidents. I am grateful life is better now. I hope if addicts are so concerning to your children’s safety that you won’t allow them to walk to Elia’s, that you also would not allow them to walk by my house when I or anybody else was actively using.Truthfully the things that have been said resemble an uneducated and mostly inexperienced speculation on an entire group of people. You’re afraid for your children IF IT OPENS and I AM AFRAID FOR MINE RIGHT NOW. If you’ll say these things at a public hearing, what will you say to your kids behind closed doors? What misinformation are you spreading that your children may carry with them, and my son may hear someday on the bus about his parents whom suffer from addiction. The comments made to me inside and outside the meeting, will the blatant childish tantrums also happen when I walk the neighborhood with my 3 year old?Thank you and have a nice day.Sincerely,Rachel DiDomenicoLike Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email You To Our Sponsor:Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedLETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman McCoy SLAMS Facebook Commenter For “Crossing The Line” Regarding His FamilyIn “Letter To The Editor”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: These Questions Must Be Asked Regarding The Proposed Detox CenterIn “Letter To The Editor”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Concerned Citizens Coalition Forms; Explains Stance On Detox Facility Locations & Opioid CrisisIn “Letter To The Editor”last_img read more

Super 30 box office prediction Hrithik Roshans movie likely to have doubledigit

first_imgHrithik Roshan’s Super 30 box office predictionPR HandoutHrithik Roshan starrer Super 30 is all set to hit the theatres this Friday. Considering the hype and advance booking scenario of the film, Super 30 is likely to have a decent box office start on day 1.Super 30 is based on the life of an exceptionally brilliant mathematician Anand Kumar. The movie grabbed huge attention ever since the trailer was released. Hrithik’s performance and the storyline impressed majority of the viewers.Although none of the songs could help in creating more buzz for the movie, the subject is strong enough to hold viewers’ interest. With no other major release this Friday, Super 30 is likely to have a satisfactory opening at the Indian box office.According to reports, Super 30 has been having good advance booking across the country. The advance booking picked up since Wednesday. Moreover, Hrithik is appearing on the big screen after a long gap, and hence, his fans are extremely eager to watch the star’s movie.Considering the overall buzz and advance booking, Super 30 is expected to have a box office collection of Rs 12-14 crore (approximately) at the domestic market on first day.The numbers may vary depending on the critics’ reviews that are likely to come out soon as there is a special screening of Super 30 in Mumbai.Directed by Vikas Bahl, Super 30 also features Mrunal Thakur, Virendra Saxena, Nandish Singh, Pankaj Tripathi among others.last_img read more

DU teacher accused under Section 57 of ICT law

first_imgFahmidul Haq and Abul Mansur Ahmed A Dhaka University teacher, Fahmidul Haq, was accused in a case under Section 57 of the Information and Communication Technology Act on Thursday.Fahmidul Haq is a professor of the department of the mass communication and journalism.One of his fellow teachers from the same department, Abul Mansur Ahmed, filed the case with Shahbagh police station, accusing Fahmidul of defaming Mansur in a Facebook post recently.University sources said the teachers of the department recently were sharply divided over the delay in publishing the results of the master’s examination and Fahmidul wrote a post on the Facebook that enraged an “influential quarters of the university”.Officials at the police station accepted the case following a go-ahead from the “high-ups”.In the case statement, Mansur alleged that Fahmidul disparaged Mansur in a write-up posted in a university-centred Facebook group where some 69 university teachers are members.According to the case statement, Fahmidul Haq alleged in his Facebook post that the publication of master’s results is being delayed due to Abul Mansur, which created problems for another professor of the department, Gitiara Nasreen and disrupted the department’s academic atmosphere.Professor Abul Mansur in the case statement denied the allegations and termed it false and unfounded.He enclosed the Facebook post and subsequent comments on that with the case statement.When contacted, Shahbagh police station officer-in-charge Abul Hossain said the police have launched investigation into the allegation.Fahmidul said it was unfortunate that such a case was filed against him and said he would tackle it legally.Teachers and the students of the department on Sunday formed a human chain on the university campus, protesting against a case against a former student of the department and a newsman of private television channel, Nazmul Hossain, under section 57 of the ICT law.At the programme, teachers and students of the department demanded annulment of the Section 57.last_img read more