The congress industry seeks to enable professional and scientific gatherings

first_imgZajednica poslovnog turizma Hrvatske gospodarske komore zatražila je od nadležnih ministarstava  da stručne i znanstvene skupove uvrste u kategoriju događanja koja će biti dopuštena za održavanje u prvoj fazi mjera za pokretanje gospodarskih i drugih djelatnosti. Inicijativu da se omoguće stručni skupovi podržali su i Hrvatska udruga profesionalaca kongresnog turizma (HUPKT), Hrvatski liječnički zbor (HLZ – preko 150 liječničkih društava s ukupno 10.500 članova), Hrvatska udruga medicinskih sestara (HUMS – 33 stručna društva s ukupno 5.500 članova) i Udruga industrije medicinskih proizvoda (CROMED). The profession says that business tourism, given the currently very bad situation in the sector, ie almost one hundred percent losses in the spring season, will certainly not recover until the spring of 2021. Therefore, they are also seeking an extension of the measures to preserve jobs that are currently in force. President of HUPKT Ranko Filipovic naglašava kako su hoteli i konferencijski centri, kao i ostali dobavljači, spremni na uvođenje mjera zaštite i kontrolu pravila distanciranja te ograničenje broja korisnika s obzirom na preporučene norme.  „We suggest that the general limit applies to 100 participants, however exceptionally in case the convention center and accommodation facility is able to provide the prescribed distance due to capacity, and more with the prior consent of the local or national Headquarters. Additionally, in the direction of encouraging Croatian companies to organize internal meetings, we request, at least temporarily, the abolition of the payment of salary contributions in kind for internal events.”, Said Filipović.  Također, iz HUPKT-a predlažu i da se dopusti posluživanje hrane u zatvorenim prostorima (hotelskim restoranima) budući da terase nisu svima dostupne niti prikladne u slučaju lošeg vremena, naravno sve uz potpuno poštivanje preporuka epidemiologa. The letter to the ministries also outlined concrete measures that the organizers can take to ensure the highest prescribed hygiene standards, which guarantees the health safety of the participants.  “The congress industry is an important segment of tourism, but also of the overall Croatian economy because its consumption and long-term stability is a significant generator of inflows to domestic hotels, congress centers, restaurants and transport companies that are most affected by this pandemic. We believe that professional and scientific gatherings are in a more favorable position than similar public gatherings, primarily because they are educations with a special emphasis on professional development and knowledge exchange where there is no place for entertainment. This is especially true for medical gatherings which, according to strict codes of ethics, are not allowed to have entertainment or have it to a very limited extent. “, pointed out the president of the Business Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Jasmina Bilać, noting that the average delegate spends significantly more on professional development than leisure tourists.last_img read more

Biograd Boat Show opened: During July and August, 70 percent of last year’s result was achieved

first_imgThis year, Croatia achieved very good results in the nautical charter segment in the summer part of the year, given the circumstances, ie during July and August, 70 percent of last year’s result was achieved in the same period. Dragan Kovačević, Croatian Chamber of Commerce: The new tourism strategy is necessary to ensure sustainable development and remove obstacles to investing in the nautical sector “The Biograd Boat Show is much more than just a boat exhibition, it is a gathering place for all segments of the nautical industry and tourism, not only in Croatia, but also in this part of Europe. As the organizer of the fair, Ilirija, with its long tradition, knowledge and experience, has profiled the Biograd Boat Show into one of the 36 most important nautical fairs in the world, ie the leading nautical Central European fair and the largest nautical fair in Croatia, and made Biograd na Moru a nautical tourism center on the Croatian Adriatic., said the President of the Management Board of Ilirija and the organizer and host of the fair Goran Raznjevic. State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Tonči Glavina He said that nautical tourism, in this year marked by a pandemic, proved to be an extremely popular tourist product through which tourists found their safe oasis of peace in Croatia. In order for nautical tourism in Croatia to remain authentic and recognizable, it is necessary to protect and preserve the originality of the coastal area and the sea in order to avoid negative consequences and saturation of the tourist area. As part of the 4th Nautical Day, a plenary and election session of the Association of Tourist Shipping Companies of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce was held, at which he was re-elected its president. Ante Rakuljić from the company ORSAB doo from Krilo Jesenice. The presidents of the groups were also elected at the session, so that’s right Ante Rakuljić elected president of the Group of ships on multi-day voyages, Marin Novakovic from the company Moreplovac doo for the president of the Group of ships and boats on day trips, a Jere Gaćina from the company Gaćina Adriatic Charter for the president of the Yacht Group with a professional crew “There is a big job ahead of us. Small tourist shipowners have problems due to their development in infrastructure. Namely, in the last 15 years or so, we have developed terribly fast, that is, we have developed faster than other segments and institutions could follow us. So today, for example, we have a problem with refueling, and our goal is to provide winter and summer berths. Winter during the ship’s rest, and summer during the tourist season”, Said Rakuljić It was stated at the session that an agreement is underway for a meeting with the leaders of the Split-Dalmatia County on the topic of summer berths in Split, and it was agreed that the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure will be asked to increase blue diesel quotas for all tourist shipping companies. administrative burden decreased during the season. Despite the new circumstances, with all the epidemiological measures, the tradition of the largest nautical fair in Central Europe is maintained. Also, Kovačević pointed out that the concession fees for marinas and their abolition should be reconsidered, because in that way, apart from marinas, some of which suffered a drop of over 50%, they would mostly help charterers who unfortunately charged berths even though they were vessels. most of this year was anchored. Photo: HGK The German and Slovenian lifting of travel restrictions in Croatia, ie Zadar County, significantly increased the response of larger vessels up to 20 meters, and strengthened the international arrival at the fair. So the tradition of the largest boat fair in Central Europe has remained this year with over 240 exhibitors and almost equal to last year’s record number of boats. That is how it was opened today in Biograd na Moru 22nd International Nautical Fair Biograd Boat Show, which lasts from 21st to Sunday 25th October and is held in Ilirija’s Marina Kornati. The importance of B2B encounters is more prominent than ever Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Agriculture and Tourism Dragan Kovacevic He said that the results achieved in nautical, and in this extremely difficult crisis year for tourism, speak of the resilience of nautical, but also its strategic importance for Croatian tourism because the consumption of nautical tourists is almost twice higher than average. That is, they are tourists of greater purchasing power, and nautical tourism is generating growth and other special forms of tourism. Also, for the second year in a row, the Croatia Charter Expo will be held on October 22 and 23, in Hall B in the western Marina Kornati. Charter companies are also allowed to present their services on their own vessels at the pier 14. “Regardless of the pandemic at today’s Croatian Chamber of Commerce nautical days, we want to talk about the key problems of the competitiveness of Croatian nautical tourism. About the future, about the new strategy of Croatian tourism which on the one hand should ensure sustainable development of nautical tourism while preserving our coast and sea, and on the other hand we need to remove obstacles, especially administrative, legal, for stronger investment and competitiveness of the nautical sector”, Said Vice President Kovacevic. “Nautics is not just recreation and entertainment and that is why the NCEA should be changed and it should be ensured that both marinas and charters become a tourist activity, ie an acceptable user for tenders in tourism “, Kovačević emphasized and added that in our development strategy we must not forget a small, but by quality standards extremely attractive segment of nautical, small shipping companies and mini cruisers that have suffered enormous damage due to dependence on air destinations. “For them, in the future we must solve the infrastructure that does not follow their needs, from overhaul to new berths and ports”Concluded Kovačević. Ante Rakuljić, President of the Association of Tourist Shipping Companies of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Kovacevic also added that it is high time that all relevant ministries sit down and agree on the concept of amendments to the Law on Maritime Property and Seaports in order to resolve the legal uncertainty and uncertainty that existing concessionaires have, but also create preconditions for new investments and development and quality improvement. services.  Photo: Ilirija dd As part of the Biograd Boat Show, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Nautical Days are also held, which consists of sessions of professional nautical associations and communities of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, a series of trainings and professional presentations and a central panel. “The future development of nautical tourism in Croatia should therefore be viewed through the creation of a framework for balancing economic progress and sustainable development. In this sense, great importance for the development of nautical tourism and attracting a larger number of sailors is to connect with other tourist products and offers in destinations, and the creation of accompanying facilities to keep guests in destinations as much as possible. If we take into account the fact that nautical tourism with its income, ie part of the income of 30 percent directly contributes to the development of other selective forms of tourism such as cultural, gastronomic, wine, etc. and is especially important for the results achieved in pre and postseason, the contribution of this segment of tourism”, Said Glavina.last_img read more