These ungrateful acts add to our already sick, sad image on the world stage

first_imgDear Editor,A few weeks ago, a city magistrate fined and deported a Cuban national who had overstayed his time in Guyana. This ruling came after the foreign national was incarcerated in a common jail, tried, then fined and sent away. Other nationalities right next door to us here in the Caribbean have met similar fates, but I have singled out the Cubans for a special mention.My reason for choosing the Cubans, is that Cuba is supposed to be a friend of Guyana. That friendship goes way back, starting with The PPP-led Dr Jagan, when Cheddi got stern condemnations from Burnham, followed by The British and Americans, for his association with that country.The condemnation coming from Burnham’s PNC, was a political ploy to get power, because as soon as the opportunistic Burnham got into office, he saw the very same maligned Cuba as his most valuable friend and neighbour. He sent our sons and daughters to Cuba for training in all fields of endeavor, as is still being done to date. Cuba has been a bedrock for most overseas-trained Guyanese professionals.Right now, Our President is a guest at Cuba’s medical facility; The Centro de Investigaciones Medico Quirugicas in Havana, the best Cuba has to offer. It Seems like when all else has failed, the Guyanese Leader has gone to the Cubans. Using a Guyanese term, our president is at the present moment being “patched up” by the Cubans.Now, picture the foregoing good graces given to us by the Cubans, and compare that to the treatment we are giving the Cubans in return. Is this the “best” treatment we can give to an overstaying Cuban? Is this the best treatment we can give to a “friend”? I would respond to that by saying it is disgraceful and despicable to say the least!So, my question, is why humiliate the Cubans? Why belittle the Cubans like that? Why! Is it because we are now on the brink of a legal renaissance and on the strict interpretation of the law as it relates to aliens and foreigners, or is it because of the soon to come oil dollar? Which is it? I think it is the latter, the “bamboozle” of oil wealth has suddenly caused an air of arrogance in this administration, which gives them the license to treat others disdainfully.Evident in that court ruling, is arrogance never before seen in this country. There is a newly found “false arrogance” sweeping the nation since this government took office and it is appalling, and shameful. Oil hasn’t begun to flow yet, and this is the way Guyana’s legal system is going to treat a friend and ally? I shudder to think of their response when the real oil dollars actually flows in. Our image right here in the Caribbean, – and the wider world, paints a sorry picture.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more