Min Greenidge, Canadian, Ecuadorian counterparts meet

first_img…on sidelines of Summit of the AmericasForeign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge engaged his ministerial counterparts from Canada and Ecuador on the sidelines of the Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG) meeting yesterday.Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, in discussion with Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia FreelandHe explained that the bilateral meeting with Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland builds on the “close and good relationship” between the two countries.In his first meeting with Minister Freeland, Minister Greenidge noted that the issue of Guyana’s territorial integrity and its progress was discussed, along with trade cooperation with CARICOM (Caribbean Community) and other areas of cooperation.“I got the impression that we saw eye to eye on a lot of things. Canada has a young Prime Minister, bringing with him his own initiatives and history, and we thought that that was a great opportunity for Guyana, that we could perhaps do a lot in that regard,” Minister Greenidge explained.Minister Carl Greenidge and Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, María Fernanda Espinosa, in discussionThe Minister noted that this is a preparatory meeting, which is a precursor to the meeting between President David Granger and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Minister Greenidge said this meeting is expected to happen during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London next week.Discussions were also centred around issues affecting the Guyana diaspora in Canada. “We spoke also about raising the level of activity both in Toronto and in Ottawa,” Minister Greenidge said.The Guyanese diaspora in Canada is estimated to be around 200,000, according to the High Commission of Canada to Guyana and Suriname.Diplomatic relations between Guyana and Canada predate independence. The Canadian Commission was opened in Guyana in March 1964. Guyana’s High Commission to Canada is also Canada’s Plenipotentiary Representative to CARICOM.The two countries have good bilateral relations, resulting from political ties through the Commonwealth, commercial links, development assistance, and immigration.Meanwhile, Minister Greenidge summed up his meeting with Ecuador’s Foreign Affairs Minister, María Fernanda Espinosa, as interesting.“The major issue, of course, is that they have changed government, and it’s just to make sure we have the same interests that they want to pursue,” Minister Greenidge said.Minister Fernanda Espinosa has commended Guyana for the conservation of its forestry, Minister Greenidge noted. Guyana is expected to participate in the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (OTCA) Heads of Government Summit later this year.Guyana and Ecuador established diplomatic relations in 1974.last_img read more

Bombers keep Eagles scoreless in 12-0 victory

first_imgArcata >> The last time the Humboldt B-52s and Humboldt Eagles met the game was played in Eureka at Bomber Field and, although the Bombers were victorious, they had to dig themselves out of a 4-1 deficit in the sixth to win.This time with a change of scenery, the B-52s took the lead and never let it go as they beat the Eagles 12-0 Wednesday at the Arcata Ballpark in seven innings.“That is kind of the way it is with baseball,” B-52s head coach Scott St. John said. “One day you are not so good, …last_img read more

Live updates: Warriors vs. Grizzlies, Wednesday at 5 p.m.

first_imgGet live news and analysis Wednesday at 5 p.m. when the Warriors take on the Grizzlies in Memphis on the night they made news by suspending Jordan Bell.The Warriors (50-23) announced the one-game suspension of Bell Wednesday morning for what was termed “conduct detrimental to the team.” Although no other details emerged immediately, the seldom-used Bell also had issues earlier this season with Steve Kerr. Bell and Kerr had a shouting match during a game.Golden State entered play in …last_img read more

When protecting wheat, timing is everything

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Mother Nature’s confusion of March in May is not only causing havoc with corn and soybean planting, but it may have major implications on Ohio’s wheat. This 2016 wheat crop has come along nicely and keeping it healthy will be all about timing when it comes to fungicide and pesticide applications.Seed Consultant’s Director of Agronomic Services, Bill Mullen, shows the progress of some seed fields in Preble County and has some pointers on how to get the most out of wheat fields, despite the chilly and wet spring.last_img read more

Rumored $99 Apple TV to Feature Cloud Storage, iPhone OS

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… After Google’s announcement last week of their upcoming Google TV service, many speculated whether Apple would respond by refreshing its neglected Apple TV. Though Steve Jobs called the product a “hobby” at its launch, the rumor mill has begun to churn as reports point to an overhauled Apple TV with cloud storage and an attractive $99 price tag. According to gadget blog Engadget, a “a source very close to Apple” has confirmed speculation that a simplified version of the set-top box closely resembling the internals of the upcoming fourth generation iPhone is currently in development.The device has apparently been described as “an iPhone without a screen,” says Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky. The CPU (Apple’s A4 chip), storage (estimated at 16 GB) and OS will mirror those found on an iPhone, but this new device will reportedly also include support for full 1080p HD video. Though storage is limited, users will be able to access other local storage devices (supposedly local systems and networked storage devices) via WiFi, as well as cloud storage. With the current Apple TV selling at a hefty $229 with 160 GB of storage, this new product could be a significant pivot for Apple in the set-top box realm. The transition from local to cloud-based storage may have something to do with recent rumors that Apple’s MobileMe service may soon be provided free to all users – a possible use for the new data farm the company is building in North Carolina.The reported $99 price seems logical because the majority of the cost of the Apple TV goes toward 160 GB of storage. Additionally, by designing it to mimic the iPhone’s specs, Apple can streamline the production of the product and remove the most expensive part of the phone – the screen. Topolsky says no mention was made of whether apps would be supported on the device, but he suggests that scaling up iPhone and iPad apps to a TV wouldn’t look particularly attractive (not to mention the lack of a touch interface).I wouldn’t be surprised to see some integration with the upcoming iPhone OS release that would allow users to control and browse from content on their phones or iPads and watch it on their TVs. Jobs has been adamant about how “couch friendly” the iPad is, so it only makes sense that a refreshed Apple TV would interface with the company’s existing handheld devices.If the speculation is correct, Apple and Google are poised for a Web TV showdown – a competition between to fierce competitors that could lead to some great feature innovations for users. While this is all based on rumor and some reading of the tea leaves, many have speculated that Apple “leaks” information to the press intentionally to generate buzz or divert attention from other products. The timing of this information – a week following the Google TV announcement, and at the midpoint between iPad and assumed iPhone launches – seems a bit convenient for Apple, but whether that lends credibility to the reports is yet to be seen.Through all of this, one thing is certain: it would be unwise to buy and iPhone or Apple TV any time soon. Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img Tags:#Apple#web chris cameron 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Remee & The Lucid Dream Of Crowd Funding

first_imgWhat Nobody Teaches You About Getting Your Star… How to Get Started in China and Have Success The Crowd Funding BluesWasn’t that kind of depressing? “Dreams? Those are for people who sleep!”It seems that building the Remee, an inspired mission though it was, just turned out to be another grueling, low-margin hardware grind. Kickstarter allowed me to go shopping for an aspirational gadget, an accessory, and some talented guys knew they could ship it. They did what they set out to do in a bare-bones way. And that’s it. It’s a gadget, but nothing more.I don’t see this thing taking off. It’s awesome to have one, but it’s not easy to use. They could never do the kind of support they’d need to do to keep a bunch of run-of-the-mill customers happy. It’s an early-adopter-only product. This seems endemic to the Kickstarter model for gadgets.I talked to my friend (Disclosure: friend.) Micah Daigle about this matter. He’s a UX, branding and campaign designer currently consulting under the banner of Collective Agency, and crowd funding is one of his favorite tools to use and problems to solve.“People just get buried under how much they have to do,” Micah says. “This is sort of the dark side of crowd funding. When you have three investors, you only have to impress three people.” When you have thousands, you’re orders of magnitude more accountable whether you succeed or fail. Crowd funding might get products out the door, but is it really a better way than business as usual? The Wild WestCrowd funding platforms operate on a continuum. The real Wild West is Indiegogo, which has no screening process, and it has flexible funding, meaning projects can keep their funds even if they don’t make their goal. Giving to an Indiegogo campaign is a straight-up donation. You either have to believe in it or not care if it doesn’t work out.Kickstarter is more constrained. It dictates what kinds of campaigns can be run. “They created Kickstarter because they wanted to see creative projects get off the ground supported by patrons from the community,” Micah says. It was ideal for films and artistic works like that. Of course backers wanted to see the dream come true, but it was also designed to be about joining a movement.“What they nailed was a user experience format,” Micah says. They bundled the best storytelling device, namely video, a simple, clear call to action, and tiered rewards as an up-selling incentive. Backing a Kickstarter makes you feel like a part of something.As Micah helped me realize, this foundation gave rise to two basic kinds of crowd-funding project. There’s the kind where you give because you believe in the cause, and there’s the kind where you’re speculatively pre-ordering a product. Enterprising gizmo makers saw this and thought, “Oh, this is a great platform on which to pre-sell my project.” As with Remee, Pebble and others, it works after a fashion. But Kickstarters for physical products are set up for a letdown.Business More Like UsualThere are no guarantees about the end-to-end experience of a Kickstarter project because art has no guarantees. These gizmos are art, just like the films. “It’s a donation,” says Micah. He thinks there need to be more rules and explicit expectations about the differences between funding art versus gizmos, and they’re starting to emerge. “Kickstarter is not a store,” as its staff wrote in September.But there are also new crowd funding platforms coming out with stronger assumptions. Christie Street is exclusively for physical products, which are heavily vetted and come with more buyer and inventor protections. There are also more formal arrangements like Crowdfunder, which is trying out crowd-funded equity for small businesses, which Kickstarter explicitly does not allow.Failure Of ExpectationsBut just as much as we need new models for bringing great ideas into the world, we also need to adjust our expectations. “What we need to do is be a lot more understanding of failure as a culture,” Micah says. In Silicon Valley start-up culture, “fail fast” is a pervasive mantra. Failure is how you learn and get better. “We need to teach that to people and reset expectations around things,” Micah says.If we’re more okay with failure, that makes the risks of crowd-funded projects more acceptable. I knew when I backed Remee that I might not get it, and that even if I did, it might not work. In my mind, it’s not a failure. It’s a work of art.If I had walked into a store in a mall and bought this on a shelf, I’d probably want my money back. But I got this whole long, interesting Kickstarter experience alongside my programmable LED sleep mask. Who cares if I never actually had a lucid dream? For me, it was worth it for the story alone.  China and America want the AI Prize Title: Who … How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture Related Posts Tags:#Crowd Funding#Kickstarter jon mitchell It’s time to talk about the downside to these Kickstarter gizmos we keep buying. Do we have any bummed-out Pebble watch buyers in the house? Anybody buy an iPhone dock on Kickstarter only to have it obviated by the Lightning connector before you got it? I suspect there are many different versions of Kickstarter gizmo disappointment. Mine is the Remee lucid dream mask from Bitbanger Labs.Yes. I backed an LED sleep mask for stimulating lucid dreams on Kickstarter. I am a hippie-nerd like that. And now I’m paying the price.A Brief Foray Into Lucid DreamingLucid dreaming is a highly desirable state of consciousness in which you realize you’re dreaming, but you remain asleep. With practice, lucid dreamers can learn to control their dreams, fly around, breathe underwater, talk to Aristotle, go to a Jimi Hendrix concert, whatever they can conjure. Lucid dreaming was celebrated in cult films like Waking Life (my favorite movie ever), and there’s an awesome list of other references on Remee’s Kickstarter page.Conventional wisdom holds that one way to begin lucid dreaming is to remind yourself that you’re dreaming. That’s what the Remee lucid dreaming mask is supposed to do. It uses a timer, and its red LEDs blink patterns over your eyelids while you sleep. If you time it right, allegedly, you’ll see visual disturbances while you dream that will jar you into lucidity.I’ve had one lucid dream that I can remember. I was about 18, visiting Hong Kong, jet-lagged out of my mind. I dreamt I was back at my old elementary school, which was uncanny enough that I realized I was dreaming. I immediately tried to fly. It worked for a few seconds. I got about 20 feet off the ground before my expectations about the laws of gravity set in, and I sank back to the ground, forgetting I was dreaming. It was briefly amazing, though. I’ve wanted to regain that power ever since.Awakening From The DreamSo I backed the Remee. I knew it was an act of blind faith, and that the thing might not work — if I even got it at all. But I wanted to believe, so I voted for it. The Remee’s funding goal was $35,000, and the $80 level got you a mask. It raised $572,891, so it was a pretty massive hit. My mask took seven months to arrive, but founders Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan were communicative throughout the process, so I kept the faith and was psyched when I got it. In my first few weeks of testing, though, I’ve had zero results.For a while, the lights woke me up, so I used the Web-based, light-sensitive programming tool to adjust the timing and patterns, a totally cool and geeky experience. But now I just sleep through it every night.I didn’t exactly expect a magic bullet, but I loved what the founders wrote about dreaming on their Kickstarter. They seemed even more jazzed and inspired than I was. So I contacted them to talk about Remee. And that’s where the real bummer set in. Dreams Are For People Who SleepThey wouldn’t take a call with me. Too busy. So I settled for an email interview. I sent in five questions that I thought gave plenty of opportunity for creative answers. But I got a minimum viable email instead:ReadWrite: What got you into this problem? Why the interest in lucid dreaming? And where did you encounter the idea that this kind of technology could be used to stimulate them? Bitbanger Labs: We’ve both been lucid dreaming since we were kids, but it just happened to come up in conversation in the summer of 2011. We had already been working on some tech projects and were intrigued at the idea of marrying the two ideas.ReadWrite: How did you know there was a market for this? How widespread is the knowledge of the possibility of lucid dreaming?Bitbanger Labs: We weren’t entirely sure how large the market would be — Kickstarter is a perfect match for a product like this, because it allows you to gauge interest while you seek backers. We were, of course, blown away by the response. I think we had an inkling that the community of lucid dreamers on the Web was aching for a new product, but we had no idea how many people to whom we’d be introducing the concept.ReadWrite: What went into the particulars of the design decisions you made: number of LEDs, kinds of patterns available, timings of the intervals, that sort of thing?Bitbanger Labs: We wanted to find a nice middle ground between effectiveness, comfort and low power draw. Six LEDs worked well for our relatively small power source, a CR2032 battery. The patterns and intervals, all of which are customizable, were mostly trial and error. We had a lot of time with the mask prior to launch to really fine tune stuff like this.ReadWrite: How’s business? Has the idea caught on?Bitbanger Labs: People are still interested! I think the idea of controlling your dreams is compelling enough that even someone who has never thought about it can get hooked on the concept pretty easily. We’re proud of how many folks we’ve brought into the world of lucid dreaming, whether they decide to support Remee or not.ReadWrite: How have your dreams changed since you finished building this thing?Bitbanger Labs: Dreams? Those are for people who sleep! But really, we’re finally getting to a point where things are settling back down and we’re getting a normal amount of sleep. We’re definitely still wearing Remee ourselves, not just for the effects but to continue to work towards making it better.last_img read more

Our Picks for the 2015 Oklahoma State Season

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. We’ve previewed this thing every single way it could be previewed. We’ve counted down the 20 most important people, posted every hype video on the web and even made some (probably not that great) predictions. Now, it’s time for our picks.PorterOffensive MVP: Mason RudolphDefensive MVP: Kevin PetersonBreakout player: Jordan BurtonFinal record: 11-2 (11-1 regular season)Big 12 finish: 1stAdChoices广告Big 12 winner: OSUBowl game for OSU: Cotton BowlFinal four: Oklahoma State, Ohio St., UCLA, Michigan St.I’ve lost my mind and I don’t even care. Gundy for president in 2016 (he might be the best candidate at this point…)BooneOffensive MVP: James WashingtonDefensive MVP: Jordan BurtonBreakout player: Jeff CarrFinal record: 10-3 (9-3 regular season)Big 12 finish: 3rdBig 12 winner: TCUBowl game for OSU: Fiesta BowlFinal four: Ohio St., TCU, Clemson, USCMake your own prediction by clicking here!last_img read more

Mourinho confident in Liverpool knowledge

first_imgManchester United ‘I know what they are’ – Mourinho confident he understands Liverpool threat Last updated 2 years ago 06:59 10/14/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) HD Mourinho Getty Manchester United José Mourinho Liverpool v Manchester United Liverpool Premier League The Manchester United boss believes he has a good grasp on what Jurgen Klopp’s side bring to the table ahead of their Saturday showdown Jose Mourinho is fully confident that he and his side know what to expect from Liverpool in their Saturday Premier League showdown. Manchester United come into Saturday’s visit to Anfield second in the Premier League and seven points clear of Jurgen Klopp’s side, who currently sit seventh in the league. Despite the nature of the rivalry between the clubs, the former Real Madrid and Chelsea manager does not believe he is in for a shock when the two sides clash due to the growth in his knowledge of their players and playing style.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. “I just know the quality of their players and the qualities of their team,” he said.Man Utd 17/10 to win at Anfield”Obviously the quality of their team has a relation with the quality of their manager.”I’ve known that since last season, I know that better now because in the last couple of weeks I tried to analyse them and to study them in a more precise way. I know what they are.”While Saturday’s showdown is clearly a big moment for the two clubs early in the season, Mourinho was quick to play down it having any more importance than any other game. “If a big game is only when you play Manchester City, or Liverpool, or Chelsea, then you have six big games a season,” the 54-year-old said.”The mentality I want with my players is that every match is a big match.”When you are a big club you want to win titles, you want to win a competition like the Premier League and every match is the same, every point is the same, unless you go into a stage in the season where two or three clubs are fighting for a certain objective.”Then you can consider, depending on your advantage or disadvantage, you can consider that that result is a result.”Every match is important, every point is important.”last_img read more

Logistics Set to Grow Even Greater – PM Holness

first_img Prime Minister Andrew Holness has commended investors for their role in contributing to the transformation of the island’s logistics sector. “The demand is there but the critical wherewithal is also there in our private sector and with the government. Port Authority is supporting these kinds of initiatives and the government is supporting these initiatives, so there is yes, this, positive confluence of events to enable us to realize that positive future that we all hope for,” said Prime Minister Holness. He added that “the demand for logistics services now is the greatest it has ever been in the world, and more things are happening to suggest that logistics will grow even greater.” Story Highlights Prime Minister Andrew Holness has commended investors for their role in contributing to the transformation of the island’s logistics sector.Speaking at the opening of the island’s newest facility, the Kingston Wharves Total Logistics Facility on Thursday (January 25), Prime Minister Holness said the company is enabling a positive metamorphosis that is well needed.“The demand is there but the critical wherewithal is also there in our private sector and with the government. Port Authority is supporting these kinds of initiatives and the government is supporting these initiatives, so there is yes, this, positive confluence of events to enable us to realize that positive future that we all hope for,” said Prime Minister Holness.He added that “the demand for logistics services now is the greatest it has ever been in the world, and more things are happening to suggest that logistics will grow even greater.”He said that a part of the government’s mandate is to create employment for all Jamaicans and similar kinds of investments in logistics will bring more jobs to Jamaica.“Employment is independence in your hands. We support and endorse all investment activities that will not just bring growth but create employment. So I am happy to hear that Kingston Wharves will be creating many more jobs. I gather that with the logistics operations you will be doing with your motor vehicles you could possibly hire another 100 Jamaicans.”In the meantime, the Prime Minister stated that with the present crime situation, the main victims and perpetrators are generally young males. He encouraged Kingston Wharves to employ more young Jamaican men as a deterrent to gang involvement and activity in the society.Prime Minister Holness also noted that the country is doing well on the economic front in part due to investments and developments such as the one done by Kingston Wharves.“Growth is happening and what is happening here (Kingston Wharves Limited) is a perfect example of it despite the social and infrastructural issues that the country has to contend with. We see the Panama Canal and we see the Latin America region that the economies there are growing. That means that their consumption base will grow and that means that they will demand more services and goods and generally the outlook for the world economy is that there will be growth. So Jamaica is in this excellent position of being centrally placed on the major trade routes,” said Mr. Holness.last_img read more