Link exchange is very simple to learn this three points to increase capacity

hope that the above 3 points to help in changing the link Oh (web game list 2011 top ten: 贵族宝贝tmxw贵族宝贝/  


) !

second: a collection of

all right!Summary: new link!

is the best snapshot overnight, ha ha! That overnight high weight, but you will find that sometimes do not observe overnight, does not mean that this site is very bad, I often see some big websites have snapshot every 2-3 days, this is normal! I was once a month snapshot stay in in March (the August), I am also very anxious, but don’t rush this is not what we say, then update or restore! And home snapshot March, keyword ranking is still retained in the very front, so here think in general every 3 days or so snapshot link read more

Website important details flow is easy to overlook the 404 page guide

appear in the view of other love Shanghai home page keyword ranking under such circumstances, the site overnight flow decreased from more than 500 to more than 40. I urgently set 404 pages, and 10 seconds countdown jump. The following data is revised and added to the traffic flow changes last night after the change of 404 page:

website each attached to the place is not the same, the programmer attention after the revision of the function is more perfect. UI art can take the website color closer to the. And we will be responsible for Shanghai dragon face search engine problems and guide the old visitors to the new site. Just imagine, the website included million pages, and these pages between the night turned into a full page does not exist, in the 404 page is not ready, the search engine will be how to deal with the site, visitors to enter the new website. So can not ignore the 404 page revision control the details. The leaves web game 贵族宝贝yeziba贵族宝贝 handwritten original, reproduced please keep the source read more

Japan’s well known Shanghai dragon forever share everything about Japan Shanghai Longfeng Wangzhuan

mainly. ?

Kunaga: Well, but I think this information is not enough, also need a lot of revelations. For example, why Taobao and Taobao are cheap, sell some strange and eccentric things can be broke, of course this is just a

permanent (deputy head)

friends: also, 3721 made, it does not now.

July 23, 2011 10:00 Japan Shanghai dragon famous Shanghai Longfeng /SEM expert Kunaga came to Beijing Shanghai dragon team broadcast live, the live is the theme of Kunaga to tell you what he knew about Zhuan, all Japan Shanghai dragon, the permanent to bring us the example is "if I want to do, how to profit, what theme" for example to share experience is a very practical and convincing method, and on-site interaction with users finishing. read more

How to through the statistical data analysis tool to reduce website jump out rate

appears as shown in figure

home love Shanghai Encyclopedia:

: a website by the user welcome

this is love Shanghai statistics users within a week to search the word down from the weaker demand of search suggestions. When we click love Shanghai to search, look at the front page (love Shanghai bidding site except)

2: Web site or website belong to fraud (such as spinach, grey cards, brush and so on)

we are not satisfied in the demand analysis station before, must first know how to analyze site needs read more

How to restore love Shanghai

snapshot, snapshot of how to restore

does not update the snapshot stop how to restore

third update of website content, website content update rule does not refer to the updated every day can be, today 100 tomorrow update, update eight or nine articles, this is a typical update, update the force should be uniform, probably in a range of values fluctuate, such as myself is 50 then, update the content of forty to 60, the update is not the law is responsible for the website snapshot not update.

see from the above four points, not updated snapshot solutions at a glance, keep the original content of the high quality of the update, the chain released high quality guide the spider crawling your site here, with a good website server, a week can restore the snapshot. read more

One this can also restore the site right down

in Shanghai dragon industry turmoil in 2012, more or less can always see such help: the site is K? Why website included normal, ranking all? There is no site drop right back case…… Reform in the face of love Shanghai ", which make snap" webmaster can guarantee has survived! Well, not much to say, people see is how to recover directly.

we found that in the fierce competition of the Shanghai dragon medical industry, comparative data station on the same day, with the WWW domain name is obviously right down state; without a WWW domain name has been restored, and there is a certain rank! Many veterans know, recently love Shanghai smart, abandon the 6.22 large-scale "also the K station, learned 10.23 collective right down" tenderness". Compared to the K station, right down to let us have a hope of recovery, is not normal included? So, what is the webmaster do read more

How will the new with the old site keywords and does not affect the ranking

"the old content" refers to the site already exists in the content, the content may be used for the promotion of a keyword and write articles, there may be a question answering system in question and answer, may also be a post forum.

webmaster can write new content for the new keywords, and then promote it with internal links, optimize it with external links. This is the most common method is the most effective method, the equivalent of our operating a new vocabulary.

for the new keywords, Shanghai dragon Er still can be optimized using conventional methods, such as specifically for the new keywords with related articles, external links promotion, can also adopt a more flexible way of operation of new words, it is the use of existing resources to do the content or the promotion of new words. read more

Keywords analysis of web layout and cut word love sea

but in the actual case, most of the time, the search is divided completely, ranking is better than words. The reason for this situation is the weight between the two pages are not equal, such as love Shanghai know "and a new page, even if a new" how exactly match, a part of keywords ranking does not catch up with Shanghai, "love to know the ranking.

now I search keywords "singles online dating platform", and then view the results of the love Shanghai snapshot, you will see, if the page appears within the complete search keywords, the snapshot will not give other love Shanghai such as the emergence of "single" and "dating platform", "online dating" plus background these words will not count to the page keyword density among. read more

The thinking of website snapshot brings

second guess: in fact, Never mind website snapshot of the correction to the content of the web site, or that the relationship is not significant, but with the "mistakes" about whether the site. Now this site situation is roughly such website, make a mistake, be love customs into a small dark room "labor reform", Shanghai love the site of the "image" return to a "good image" before, then the following story is this: site in Xiaoheiwu during the "labor reform" good performance to get the approval, love Shanghai, love Shanghai re sent to the site a "good", but also follow the update site snapshot. read more

Optimization of dotting reveal six details related to the optimization effect

program in the design to take into account the future owners need setting optimization in the program for a variety of optimization element setting function, at the same time these procedures can provide continuous improvement and updating, especially with the increase of the amount of use, search engine to give it the natural weight corresponding to high this is the use of the new program, not mature incomparable, it is recommended that you will be in the selection process considering the optimization of long-term demand, leading to the starting point. read more

Some understanding on how to carry out B2B website optimization

General batch registration

registered user name on these platforms, and you have to send the information of the same or similar products. For example, if you want to in these platforms, a registration of imported Mercedes Benz shops. You can set the name registered shops for imported Mercedes Benz Pinyin mode, namely "jinkoubenchi" or imported Mercedes Benz followed by some digital Pinyin mode. Because your registration is successful, the shops will have a two level domain name, such as "you successfully registered in the Alibaba jinkoubenchi, enter your registered shops, a domain name usually under the Alibaba name, love Shanghai spider over, see your import Benz domain name in the Alibaba below, you will be very popular shops. Said Great trees are good for shade., so you can in the relatively high weight of the "tree", were you the first step in Shanghai dragon. read more

Correct attitude to face the challenges of the future of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners

optimization cheating in a specific environment is a success, it is on the basis of their ability to use key sensitive algorithm vulnerabilities, but often just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. The search engine invested a lot of energy on the site value and user experience, that through the purchase of the chain of cheating really brings to the enterprise good income, make a lot of hard work of the webmaster tears ran, affect the Internet fair. With the love of Shanghai to increase foreign chain cheating efforts blow, especially yesterday launched Scindapsus aureus algorithm, the super chain link website, intermediary, sell buy links has brought huge earthquake effect, which greatly reduces the influence on the optimization of cheating in the chain, effectively safeguarding the justice of the internet. read more

Shopping card diagnosis recycling site Shanghai dragon ranked poor

One reason:

today we from Shanghai dragon training college selects a "shopping card recycling website" the question reply alone. The basic information about the site of the first web site at www/dzkawu/com, built in time for the November 18 day (today), the Oregon cnservers company of American space, love Shanghai included the amount of 78, love Shanghai chain 129. Shanghai love weight is 1, Google PR value is 4. OK, the ranking of the shopping card recycling website "Shanghai dragon of the cause of poor diagnosis, hope that through the following the diagnosis to help you improve the site optimization of Shanghai dragon. Is Shanghai dragon do section for the webmaster support feedback. read more

Shanghai Longfeng care be careful may inadvertently right down the website

service, the company’s technology in order to prevent the site was attacked (because the electricity supplier website, attack more), to do a website to strengthen security measures: the use of cookie authentication if the attacker access to the web site, the web site status code is 302, and if it is normal access the return code is 200, which is the basic principle, because more related to technology, Peng Jinjie did not do not display slight skill before an expert, repeat.

this way I have not seen, only some of the black hat means according to some rules of search engine and knowledge to make the inference, and can not fully convince technical staff, therefore, the follow-up discussion in Shanghai Longfeng issued related QQ group, the final conclusion is not recommended to use. read more

Analysis why WeChat search always not touch the lifeblood

second, the large public content difficult task. As previously mentioned, WeChat search are sharing the large public, that for many users, from the media’s influence will make you more willing to search for relevant text information. But it is not only for the user is not interested in the internal WeChat desktop search share things, even large itself also has many problems. Because in my opinion, the number of public resources are very rich, but cannot maintain their unique sex, which means that in addition to WeChat’s internal environment to share, will fall in love with the sea, that is to say when the readers see a good article to open on the computer in a public number, love Shanghai. Can meet his demand, without the use of the so-called WeChat search. So WeChat search has been advocating high quality will become empty talk. This is a direct result of WeChat search is actually a false proposition, cannot be realized for users docking. Not to mention some large internal but also the related search function, even without this function, some users will rely on the collection of labels, do finishing, for some specific articles in the course of contacts, the value of WeChat search and where read more

The different fate of the site of Shanghai dragon head

I learned that Shanghai dragon like everyone was self-taught. At that time I did not know what training institutions like the Shanghai dragon. The overall bubble in Shanghai dragon why forum. Although seldom but still want to thank Shanghai Longfeng why so you can learn and can send the chain forum.

went to the optimization of a person is not responsible for. The manager in the sales department was a person with me to another office. The members did not know that the poor sales or not love is the sales website optimization anyway. She don’t understand so before the optimization of the website came after I told her in detail about our main task. Gradually she also started. Then finally move to a person. read more

Shanghai Rui riffraff depth analysis of the upcoming Dragon King Dingli recommended map

book in Shanghai Longfeng general practitioners’ questions, often discuss problems, easily overlooked details and common error theory, the content contained in the Shanghai dragon industry conducted in-depth discussions, make readers more clearly understand the Shanghai dragon and the operational thinking. The book is divided into two categories: one is discussed in detail for the various problems according to their true, rich experience of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon involved, including the basic principle, analysis of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng operation method, commonly used tools for data analysis, competitor analysis, practical case website data analysis guidance Shanghai Longfeng knowledge thinking comprehensive use of Shanghai dragon team building, the common interpretation of Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon industry thinking; the other is the author invited industry frontline practitioners from various aspects of dry cargo sharing, a multi angle, multi thinking, multiple forms of experience in all aspects to analyze the reader those things like Shanghai Shanghai dragon and related web site operators. read more

Starting from the S log to find and solve several ideas included

spider crawling over URL


There is notThis

, the excessive grab

within the whole chain structure to

to aid the script, to find your website all URL, then find out the spider crawling over URL, then find out the contrast, has never been a spider crawling over the URL, and then analyze the reasons, is the reason that URL is not too deep or URL directory links, too many parameters to determine the correct? Why, after continued observation included.

, the second is duplicate contentAfter

You look at the overall read more

The forum outside the chain has invalid ordinary webmaster how to do external optimization work

love Shanghai released outside the chain of information since there is a part of the site has closed the forum signature chain, these websites practice is nothing but love in response to the voice of Shanghai, but for ordinary people they have lost outside the chain of distribution channels, especially for some part-time webmaster is hit, because they unable to find the next external web site optimization.

has been gradually love Shanghai, in fact, standing outside the chain site in Shanghai in the perspective of love is nothing more than not to be able to easily obtain, so for ordinary webmaster or to play to their talent for writing, the author suggests the general website can go to correlation every day website to vote a draft, increase the chain website through the submission of the methods, such as your website is the website construction, then you can go to Shanghai why, Chinaz, Admin5, Phoenix, doozz website for submission. But no matter what the website in submission to pay attention to the following: read more

Personalized search the ideal is full the reality is skinny

1, beginning in 2011, Shanghai tried to determine whether the user is love love this site by recording the user click on a keyword search frequency, so as to search the keywords in the next user, directly to the site to the number one position.

then the traditional search engines have tried to provide personalized search results? The answer is.

2, Google has tried earlier and more personalized, Google provides search results in the URL star function for each keyword for the user. When users add star to a web site, the next time the search keywords, star site directly in the top. Of course, this function has been off the assembly line in a year before. read more