Why the Shanghai dragon er said manufacturing for nternet trash


2, Shanghai forced the love. What makes people copying rankings so good, I have worked hard to write the original but not copied the rankings, that what to spend so much time to the original? Not all copied quickly. This is an important reason causing the Internet garbage.


Shanghai Longfeng Er is known as the Internet spammers are the following:

is 25, a few days ago, in A5 prompted by a sudden impulse to register a member account, and then released their A5 on the virgin, feeling the repercussions are still pretty good, just a day out. Second days to see that there are seven or eight sites were reproduced, and some people take it to the blog and forum, some websites still left a link, but some people are the original copy, did not leave a link. Don’t know is what feeling, that is happy and angry. Happy is the first published an article in the A5 by everyone’s love and reproduced, someone can explain the plagiarism is valuable; some people angry is completely Ctrl+C, but Ctrl+V didn’t give me the link. If the Shanghai dragon world in accordance with this development, perhaps write original will be less, will gradually decline may really come true "Forbes" Shanghai dragon within two years. read more

Wondering whether Shanghai really love to fire quickly

love Shanghai database error problem It is quite common for, so we do the optimization, sometimes encounter a lot of things feel very surprised, some belong to the special case. In fact, many things are impossible to explain, we can according to their own experience and the existing data to analyze and forecast. On the site right down the love Shanghai reaction is always turtle speed, even if we go and submit complaints are mostly no echo, so many owners complain that this function is to display. Now love Shanghai but the rapid fire site to have been vindicated, but I still prefer to love Shanghai database error, of course the enterprise station also did not go to cheat, their content is hard to write original, not to buy any link. read more

High quality Links three evaluation criteria

what is the stability of the site, including the site is generally stable, the domain name space stability, speed and stability, so here is a tool used: site diagnostic tools. The query tool PING, if you want to exchange the Links website PING average value is more than 240, this website is not worth you to exchange chain, user experience is that you can’t get a good search engine, you won’t get promoted. Domain name domain name is said to do stand stable historical stability, I believe that every webmaster want to find a stable link when exchanging Links, then a domain stable chain is stable for a large base, inquire about the domain name do stand history and renewals go in exchange Links before, if it is a renewal of 2 over the years, can exchange links, to renew for 1 years, my advice would be not to exchange for good. read more

Do some guarantee home page rank is stable

, a stable. The site is stable and whether it has always been the search engine is given a high weight of the basic condition of station. If there is no basic stable, then the other what the chain optimization what are empty. The stability also includes several aspects:

2. Shanghai dragon stability information. The sites of title and description can not easily modify. Before the love of Shanghai is very focused on this, if modified, could fall from heaven on earth. Better now, occasionally change there will not be much affected, but it is not that can often change. 3, more than 4 months and a modified content change should be no problem. read more

VC this thing dry long parents think you unfilial entrepreneurs think you thing forceGo to Taobao to

did it for a long time,

Abstract: This is a small circle in the small circle of a few clubs, fierce competition how to eat 95% of the profits in the 5% people’s win is very difficult, the success is not so easy, most people are not.

after work in the evening,

2, because the mother of Ali and Taobao has its own screen closed link it from external pressure, Amoy promotion links will sooner or later screen closed, but the length of time problem. Amoy promotion from another site to gauge the root end or promotion, early built railway station is difficult to obtain Taobao promotion income. The difficulty is that you have to flow, and then sh419 keyword have to do up. And for grassroots Adsense, the initial investment, coupled with the mentality of the problem, often can not go on. read more

King beware of Shanghai dragon circles 6 speech cheat you

6 lies, Shanghai dragon is in the details, the details determine the success of

after years of practice, and through the experimental comparison with many times, as control variables, use independent IP virtual hosts, for the collection of almost no difference and Shanghai dragon. More bizarre is that after the station changed into independent IP virtual host, love Shanghai included less, there has been no reply, I am wondering. I do not know will not have independent IP virtual host vendors back? I believe the practice, of course, some people would argue, if the thousands of times, thousands of times, the result is not the same. People say, I will not respond, as you say, why not the hundreds of thousands of times, millions of times, there is so much energy? I just have to say about my test results. read more

100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know five

41, a website

43, buy the window flow on the search engine in the end is good or bad? Will not be considered cheating, which is K

42, often see people say soft Wen promotion, is not the Riga link is the promotion of soft

soft in essence is soft advertising, is a collection of advertising without leakage. Soft Wen promotion usually by means of written expression and dissemination of public opinion so that consumers recognize some concepts, ideas and methods, so as to achieve the enterprise brand promotion and sale of the product. However, it is different with direct advertising, it is hidden in the advertisement, with pleasure, or knowledge of the article, it is a subtle placement. Add link to it in the promotion, and for the traditional sense of the Shanghai dragon, adding a link can be more than the chain, help website. It may be better for the website, but in today’s Internet, Shanghai Longfeng staff need and marketing combination, outside the chain of times long past, content marketing is on the rise, we must keep pace with the times. read more

A5 diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng tell you why want to optimize website structure

The first thing

?To enhance the user experience of

can control the weight of the page

anchor text to improve website ranking

!Distribution of

to increase the page number included

should be a good website structure system is the user to access the site, can pass freely into the navigation system he wants to enter the task page, and is free from some corresponding links, or you can anchor text links at a glance, you will enter the page is about what. Is not consistent with the contents of their own needs. To achieve this effect, it would have to rely on good website structure for the good website structure can enhance the user experience, convenient for users, user satisfaction, that your website user experience is improved, and the user behavior on the web can help improve the website it is said that the rankings, has now been added to the ranking algorithm reference standard. read more

About 10 23 love Shanghai for super chain cheating algorithm upgrade interpretation

interpretation: This is mainly for the purchase or sale of a single strand website and buy and sell the chain in the station platform.

I look at the specific

against deliberate manipulation including but not limited to the following example:

mainly affected the station: station group website and spam blogs.

just saw love Shanghai Webmaster Platform a notice: "a hyperlink cheating algorithm upgrade", published: 10.23 at 10:30 in the morning. Read the whole content after August, and I wrote an article "on the August 22nd Lugong love Shanghai" in the prediction of the update algorithm, this article points out that in August, combined with the current domestic policy from August love Shanghai notice, personal speculation love Shanghai at the end of September or October will once again upgrade and K algorithm stop adventure, hope the webmaster friends, continue to live in HOLD. The eighteen will be held in early November, prior to this, a harmonious world to maintain the necessary network is a must. In order to upgrade the personal speculation algorithm three points: first, in order to meet the eighteen, harmonious network; second, in order to compression performance, Shanghai Longfeng interests, forcing more health and enterprises to embark on the road of bidding for promotion; third, is the only true for the user experience. read more

Five details of the well site of Shanghai dragon pictures page optimization

we talk a lot is how to optimize the good article page, the text content of the page is easy to identify the search engine. But now many of the image content based website, such as photography websites and photo sharing websites can not copy these theories wholly intact. After all, not many words can be written. A good website is starting from the basic page optimization, today to share their experiences in Shanghai dragon pictures page optimization.

addition, the content of the page page picture must respect the simple, not squandering charming eyes; focus, let the main page browsing area on the core content, rather than in the sidebar, the position at the bottom of the page. read more

Do the bidding of how to make an inventory of what looks good but no conversion keywords

If ?

if there are tens of thousands of keywords in your account, do this is a huge project, so the keyword classification would be extremely important, good keyword classification can be very good to save a lot of time. In fact, as long as we do not plan into confusion, such as we have those good keywords are sorted according to the important degree, followed by the production of content, such as I can manage customer service staff, allowing them to write content, of course, when they write the content of the need for the marketing of their. read more

Dig the pseudo original value to measure pseudo original points

so this is what type of pseudo original? Essentially, pseudo original is actually a re processing of others of the article, if the process is very good, can be completely used as the pseudo original articles of high quality original articles, and can give users more help, but to do so the pseudo original article is clearly not easy, concrete can proceed from the following aspects.

second, pseudo original articles can be appropriate to add some pictures. Some of the original article is more from the theoretical analysis, the analysis of the content has the certain quality, the user will also help play a role, but the theoretical analysis of the text too often make the user feel more profound, so the user for these knowledge becomes more difficult. If you in these pseudo original content, can have some of these advanced text to use easy to understand text writing, and then with a picture of the introduction of some case analysis, allowing users to contrast the case to analyze the content, so it can allow users to more easily grasp the content, and so the content is more conducive to the love of Shanghai, because the web content has been illustrated on love Shanghai. read more

Good for promotion of user experience do not burn

data of this method also need to refer to the creative.

The popularity of

in general, bidding account unit will have several different ideas, and when the keywords quality declines, but do not worry or modify the rectification ideas, and more to observe, to search by keywords quality decline, will showcase creative keywords offline, and then check whether the keywords quality degrees rise if no, then search the word view second times show the creative line, and before the line of ideas, in turn operation. If this situation is not quality rise, can start to try and referrals two groups of creative methods as above, you will find that in some cases, only need to stop an idea, you will increase the degree of quality. read more

Do these six Shanghai Longfeng optimization will no longer difficult

Why did

take out this? Because in my own more than two years of experience, the chain is very important, the chain is a chain, let the love of spiders in Shanghai cycle crawled in the article, the weight transfer does not stop, so the optimization effect is a very big help, I do. The chain is the main way in an article in another article title, and then link to it.

with my own experience of website structure on a website optimization to have a crucial role as my own station, DIV layout, static, URL standard, although spent a lot of time, but at the current situation the effect is very good, the code is simple, to love the Shanghai spiders, and also do keyword layout well, the website structure is done, so others can boldly trust to do, if this is not done, then the first people lose a step, in the fierce competition, every step to do than others, may have a chance of winning the. read more

Hold the three out of the ordinary love Shanghai optimization easy win

as the website construction production and site optimization personnel, in the face of such accounts for the vast absolute advantage of the search engine, you can be completely indifferent? The site is now more than 90% of the traffic comes from search engines, and more than 80% Chinese in search traffic comes from love Shanghai. So in the premise of ensuring the quality of the site, while not affecting the user experience does not violate the principle of search engine under the condition of the site of their optimization, Internet marketing is a shortcut to success. Love Shanghai? At least I think, Google and YAHOO and other international search giant compared to love Shanghai more in line with people thinking and habits. For example, the definition of the link, judgment on differences in the key words, and the judgment of website quality, website evaluation and weight assignment process etc.. read more

Site for more than 3 months my experience of the siteThe first step in entrepreneurship when will

The digital world

, let’s first look at a few words like slogans: look at the news, Sina, search, use sh419, buy things, go to Taobao, chat, open ……

these words share a common feature: they describe a service that provides news, search, shopping, and communications services. As for when you are going to use this function, these words are not involved. This was an important feature of early Internet service marketing: the ability to peddle and promote it.

, this is business cooperation read more

Should be paid attention to several taboosncome from 0 to 100 a Taobao’s miserable journey

The quality of a

4, no previous effect tests on shelves.

2, the page is too garbage.

later, by a charge guest program was found in the Internet, through the comparison of many aspects, finally determined to buy a. You know, I was the guest in the league or just the 7 cents. Program to buy, install, setup, beautify a series of procedures are finished, I am pleased to see the erection of a good web site, a fantasy of their own money in Amoy alliance……

in addition to a comparison, that is, the use of the product and do not use the product comparison, this way more able to move users. read more

How to carry out higher celebrity fraudFemale stationmaster ambition network investigation Comeus

take a look at the sh419 Post Bar:

The domain name comeus "

official: comeus


from the following diagram can clearly see the domain name in 2008 April after the transfer out, before has been minon collection;

crazy AD: 942xxoo.cn/

every article explains the ugly faces of these people, definitely not make IP, if the deception, the whole family died

look at the official description: they get to understand the true spirit of. read more

Former intime network CEO Liao Bin again venture push flowers website beardAlliances have power

in addition, Mr. beard powder rose, champagne rose, green, pink lisianthus, Gerbera lily flower varieties for the user to choose. And in terms of payment, Mr. beard chose the WeChat scan code to pay the form of purchase.

"a penny, difficult to cross the ocean sea, paddle yo, started sailing…… a chopstick, gently broken, ten pairs of chopsticks, firmly holds together……". A familiar song, under the interpretation of Fu Disheng, spread throughout the land of china. The uplifting melody shows the eternal truth that individual combat is fragile and small, and that countless individual alliances are often impregnable!

in such an era of rapid development, for the enterprise, the enterprise is the most difficult to get something important, is the enterprise with real and lasting competitive advantage. In the fierce competition and fight a lone battle apparently has no advantage at all, so partnering with strategic alliance is the enterprise to market globalization, intense competition, rapid innovation and technical complexity of the real smart strategy. Change

"brand" clever is that it realized the great effects of "alliance" in the competition.

: first brand in order to ensure the quality of the news made, in the choice of alliance sent through a portal to the first choice, and now including Sina, Sohu, Qianlong, china, major domestic well-known portal to achieve cooperation. Especially the strategic cooperation and qianlong, development laid a solid foundation for a solid "brand – >" news links

read more