Which free web traffic statistics

played for many grassroots webmaster have the time. Every day to open the computer first do was look at the day before the site traffic, because the station is small, advertising rental service charges, basically nothing to expect, expect a advertising alliance advertising to earn a little money, in the face of a variety of data analysis, Baidu every day, GG spiders crawl rules, analysis time rules of user access to the site if not, traffic statistical tools, waiting by the feeling of business website. read more

My mistake turned out to be a success

because of an own prompted by a sudden impulse has set up a website, but after creating a new website, IP basically are fixed in 20 or more, has not what changes, if I look at it is also the most publicity, reached 100, every day the first thing is to open the statistics see flow (I think many webmaster is that!), but IP does not change, the heart is also very depressed! Sometimes I really want to give up! But once, I once again open the webmaster statistics, see IP suddenly to around 300 in the "this day, excited about?! and doubt! So look carefully, found no wrong ah, actually is 300, so I carefully read the statistics about IP, suddenly raise IP entirely on a keyword that "Magic by machine", in the heart really excited (this is the first time I have such a big flow, everybody don’t laugh at me!) read more

Website operation process is full of serious low key lasting

01 years to start making contact with the network, personal homepage, basically are some web BBS Hunguo, thought only interest, using the free domain name + free space. So you have been playing for 05 years, the process is one family, find free space.

registered the first meter in 05 years, and at the beginning did not know what station to use, so it kept writing blog and using pj-blog. Wrote about half a year, and later want to simply use this domain name to do a stand, so there is a portal similar site, basically is that kind of hodgepodge site. The main directions are common. They are tutorials, resources, and workplace stuff. Because something is very complex, the beginning is completely through the search engine to get about 6 thousand of the IP, but the good times don’t last long lasted 3 months, probably, was later dropped right, was too greedy, a station with 3 meters, and do a lot of links. Except for a garbage station, it is probably the reason why it is possible to estimate the right to drop. read more

Pay attention to the original content the site is the only way to success

from 50bang to CNZZ (third party traffic statistics tool), we in a broader space, and more personal Adsense have contact.

recently, we often talk about a topic is the rise of many SNS and UGC silence, we can see.

, we can’t help thinking, is the last time the video site has arrived? User created content is out of date,


no, even in the China impetuous network environment, based on the original network war has just begun.

and listen to little D slowly.

original content of attention, a great extent about a site success road. read more

Online forums and community operations

According to Maslow’s theory of needs,

begins with people’s different needs: security, social interaction, respect, knowledge, aesthetics and self actualization. Content construction conforms to the 28 principles, and a forum can be made into a portal, a well-known community. Seize the Internet users’ herd mentality, unlimited resources, and join in the fun. No forum can quickly boost its popularity for at least 1 years. If you want faster, early can forge a fire forum, start from the plate of the post, post reply, reply post fire, can also rely on technology, but are at first so to play, the latter also need heart operation and maintenance. read more

Since the media should be how to retain and attract fans

how does the media appeal to fans,


from another angle, why should I pay attention to it?. What do you have to be concerned about?. Give me a reason to pay attention to your, so let us first on their first self define their own media, what I wanted to do the type of media entertainment?? people? Justice? Public? Business? Or personality? Only to define their own good, you will find relevant content knowledge, message content to publish, to discuss, to extend from a primary rookie, all the way to the battle as intermediate to senior rookie, rookie; from a junior rookie, only the thread, become intermediate rookie, can have a small range of the right to speak, and then to the senior rookie, you said is very willing to see listen, willing to share. If your content and your opinion are not good enough, why should I pay attention to you?. Is that right?. So I think the media how to attract fans, is a little, you want to make the expert about your industry, you will have from the media people will pay attention to, forwarding, comments, sharing, on the other hand, you can’t do that, then you still in automatic speaking. read more

Decrypt web site article editing techniques

has already mentioned in the article "how to edit web site articles, what skills?" the editor of the web site first meets the requirements of search engines. Here will be in-depth exchanges and discussion of technical optimization of this.

, how do I do pseudo original article


and all known search engines love original articles, especially Google, but many in China but will not work, the world is a big copy, not to mention our web editors or medical professional was born, which can write some related articles out of medical disease. Therefore, the article is basically from his office to copy, copy to have been used, funny is that many hospitals web site article still retains the name of other hospitals, doctors name, etc.. Of course, most friends know, pseudo original, is to copy the article processing, the head and tail add something in his mind. I this lazy people, on the other hand at the construction site early, because not enough manpower, so there is a chapter of website data are from other sites to collect, but the hospital name to others. But a few months later, included in this website is good, there are more than 20 thousand snapshots, above average IP 4K? OK, nonsense to say more, now I tell you, what all don’t want to, just want a principle, the search engine to determine whether or not to repeat an article is too complicated, but one often used, is to look at the head part is not the same, if not the same, the original OK. An article I copied, can be different from ancestors? How to do, I put it in two, turn the page, my second pages, and ancestors are not the same. In order not to mislead you, I declare: the original is not a little and a few will be able to accurately judge, PR, domain name registration, website time authority, "was included in the time, overall quality of website content and other factors of the web page itself will be the search engine to determine the original parameters. read more

City B2C webmaster entrepreneurial experience on the road

September, after months of work, completed the website structure and website online, finally on the line, can finally see, the heart has a sense of excitement, look at our website, just like our son grow up, 18 years old, can go to the society, here today to the construction site for more than four months to write some of their own feelings, it is a summary of the previous stage.

initiation idea

is building the city shopping website is the idea at the end of April this year, when a friend (now partners) inadvertently talked about him in our Dafeng a local website for things, said the site is propaganda of local shops, looking for him to do is to go to the local store to talk about cooperation, help them propaganda, collect fees, fees received after 55 minutes, heard of such a thing, my first thought is to help people to find the shop, but also half to others, why not do it yourself, do the site actually does not have any technical content at all (I also learning website for five years), I said if we don’t do it yourself, we can follow him this website, but he is in store for the unit publicity, is to introduce the shop to do what we can to, as a single commodity A, we can put the local store on our website shows, then charge rent, I was just a local account, about 10 thousand stores, each store annual fee of 100 yuan, a year income is 1 million, two of us suddenly agonistic, hit it off, ready in the city trading on a big stage, as long as can bring benefits, they must be willing to give 100 yuan (now think that idea is how immature, ha ha). read more

Depth analysis of electricity supplier eBay transformation and recovery

1995, Pierre Omidyar · the first "flea market" onto the Internet, in 1997, the auction site was renamed eBay, 1998, Meg · Whitman joined the board of directors of eBay, the Nasdaq stock market, since 2000, eBay began in a big global expansion, and the acquisition of PayPal in 2002, gradually an electronic commerce platform and one of the world’s largest online payment platform.

However, with the

e-commerce industry chain more perfect, especially in the Amazon logistics system, IT system, supply chain management, gradually mature, and users of the shopping experience of the increasingly high demand, the eBay auction model has been badly hit, the stock also will fall into the valley bottom. read more

How does the webmaster solve the 500 error in the site HTTP server

many webmaster in the construction of the site, often encountered procedures can not open the problem, and some because the program error, can not run, and some because of the server. Today, 78t webmaster network for everyone to tidy up a common mistakes and solutions, hope to be helpful, if you use the following method has not been solved, you can contact the webmaster.

today introduced the error is: http server 500 errors, the error is that many webmaster, whether it is written procedures, or download the use of other sources, often encountered. The wrong page shows: read more

Free product hierarchy induction

today is really experience what is called hierarchical induction, this level is induced by my own words, come to think of it very image, free stuff, induced you street, and finally found that, when the original is to do what, forget.

will go to apply for free space today, talk about their own free products a little understanding.

free things, natural people like, without paying you can spend, good things, who do not want to take up the light?. So the door industry, the service industry, all under free banner, playing the consumer psychological tactics to the people, the store can be opened; someone clicks on the website, with the flow; there are customers, natural human effect, popularity, read more

Along the line of operations what new knowledge should novices learn 2

two days ago and we talked about for the novice, how to clear learning website operation knowledge advice, clear learning ideas, we can improve the learning efficiency, can help us to learn more knowledge on the fragmented into a complete line. I also come from the novice, so deep, for the novice, reveling in the outside the so-called operation cheats book still inextricably bogged down in every day, what are not, and I feel a lot of things to learn, but do not know where to learn. So after the release of the last article, many friends gave me a message, I hope to see the next article, can be more systematic understanding of operation, learning ideas. Well, we don’t talk much. Today we’ll go on with the last article. read more

Get big traffic on the blog couch

is now getting more and more traffic on blogs, and every day on Sina’s home page is basically a celebrity blog. Sina blog contains a list of celebrities, Chinese stars, basically have their own blog. When we look at the star’s blog, we like to see the comments below. If we can get the first place, then we can use the popularity of the star to get the traffic.

star blog messages are then tens of thousands, grab a sofa is a very difficult thing, but observed from the star and the first replies of the time difference, basically have 10 minutes of time, is that most people are free visit to suddenly see a new article, then read, read and reply. Therefore, in order to grab the sofa, we must do two things, one is in the star post time, the first time to get news, the second is to read the article after the first return, this way save time. The blog has a function that is RSS subscription, when the blog is when there is a change, the RSS subscription will be notified in the first time and remind, so as long as all the celebrity blog address into the subscription software, so every day can get many stars in the first time to update the blog, can in the first time to keep up with the post. This is a very simple technique, but you can easily get traffic. read more

Lower ranking is entering the Baidu sandbox


forum code network (http://s.bbscode.com), as long as the forum search relevant keywords in Baidu is always ranked first at the top of the page, but yesterday I found how the site had fallen into several pages, do what they say is the Baidu sandbox? I didn’t go to the station now to what also, don’t be Baidu K off, you can search or search, SITE is less of a page into the GOOGLE sandbox are out, in the GOOGLE forum is the first search code, but Baidu is falling a lot, I really do not know how? Do optimization problem for a long time I did not? To change the optimization of things, always search is normal, how would suddenly have this? Laoniao advice about read more

Do more than half a year experience experience and confusion

wanted to have a website from the beginning to now, there are six months time, during this period, also with a few sites, and many of the friends, from what all don’t understand until now is not what all don’t understand the situation is a bit of progress, learning from the network technology, learning "production, learning PHP code, learning to use CMS, to learn SEO optimization and so on, all the way down, despite what did not come up with anything decent, but also learned something. read more

Baidu help me

Baidu will bless me, traffic will come.

I have everything in my dreams, but the flow rate is often 35.

do his webmaster a lot, then how do I choose?.

I am behind drinking wine, anyway, for me is a luxury traffic ah.

is too clear, just work hard,

Adsense’s purse will always be up.

has a long time no post, my brother is really not good ah, do stand for one year, all of the station is not what improvement in general is too lazy, did not try, and netizen "Crazy" the previous cooperation made a plot, but the goal is the long tail keywords, I did not estimate that Baidu would "upgrade", there is no estimate of the plot station in 2007 has been the webmaster to do bad, because no matter what the story in Baidu search, basically can find the answer, and website content is basically to collect Internet, the plot is a copy published articles, so we plot the station about the plot content are not always be included in Baidu, ended in failure, read more

580 million years into the depths of the alliance the light will change the pattern of the industry

I before the horse had exclusive online show mode profits, to the six room was on the verge of death as an example, since the mid 2012 completely transformed into this model, can earn tens of millions of yuan per month; industry leader 91582012 years of income even reached nearly 1 billion yuan.

profits attracted many small video website to join this industry competition (see I before dark horse reports "small video sites are learning, and the 9158") industry leading enterprises, in addition to 9158 muffled fortune, before the industry ranked second, a little-known company in April 17th jumped out with the light of the media together in a grand conference. read more

Grass roots website science and technology will always be the primary productive force


SP channel completely blocked, for the grassroots community is tantamount to a financial storm, many of the original owners earning large quantities of gold each day at no direction, holding the bus traffic. Not to earn money, even some webmaster do not flow directly out of food, many from the first contact site profit from the station, must not technology, to never mind, a time is really to the valley of life, I was one of them.

I am a a webmaster, similar to a personal homepage I do stand in the way the origin of friends website, I remember in 05 years, he is the NetEase’s album advertising, monthly revenue of about 300, this is not a small income for a a poor student, but my monthly living expenses is $300. I asked him to be a program to do a website that is a website in a few simple HTM page, then just 05 years of super girls run amok, I just in a few TOM super girl video, Baidu Post Bar in post, said it may be we do not believe that, give me a post about 2WIP, very horrible! That NetEase album advertising fee is more than 80 piece, I modeled on, every time I have super girl the first time to get TOM video, and then to the Post Bar advertising, the advertising fee is more than 700 months. Later, the site is also stable, and began to film alliance, then making money really terrible. read more

Designers said do straight through the car picture more common misunderstanding analysis

train promotion is a more precise marketing tool, but to achieve the input-output better than (ROI), promotion title, pictures click rate, sales data, pricing, delivery speed, the score is very important, and in these important factors in the click rate of the most. Good pictures will stimulate consumers to click, their orders in the browser, click train cost down. However, many novice in the straight through the car picture, often make some of the more common mistakes, is caused by click rate is not the main reason. read more