first_imgJOCKEY QUOTES JOHN HILVERS, WHAT A VIEW, WINNER: “It means a lot. We won this race with one of our homebreds several years ago, Norvsky, and that was very exciting then and this is very exciting now.” KENNY BLACK, WHAT A VIEW, WINNER: “This horse is real quirky. I’ve always thought he’s a better horse when he has something to run at. When he’s sitting second like that, he’s better than when he’s in front because he ducks and dives and jumps. He’s way better on this grass course than Del Mar.“It has nothing to do with the footing. It’s the inanimate objects at Del Mar: tire marks, the totalisator board, the patches on the turf course going into the first turn; he jumps everything, stops, ducks and that’s how he got beat the one time they accused Kent of standing up too soon. He was looking at the tote board, made a right-hand turn down the lane and hit the brakes. Here, he doesn’t have all that, plus, he’s more mature . . . This was only his 10th out.“Buddy (the late Bud Johnston) has had his horses here in the same stalls since 1953. They’ve been in the same barn at Del Mar since it was built (1937). This is a tradition with Old English (Rancho). Mr. Johnston was so good to me, so be able to win a stake like this is the start of a new era. Me and the family are moving on, so this was cool to win our first stake together.“This is my biggest win, for sure. I think the biggest I ever won riding was 250 (thousand), so this would tie that, but this means a lot more. They all mean a lot, but they mean a lot more when you’re training,. When I was riding, we definitely took it for granted because it happened a lot more regularly. But when you’re training, you just appreciate it a lot more.”(Before the race, Black said: “Kent knows what’s he’s doing, he’s won a few more of these than I have. He knows this horse. I always thought he was better when he has one to run at.” KENT DESORMEAUX, WHAT A VIEW, WINNER: “He made hard work of it; I had a firm hold. I was surprised to see him accelerate again at the quarter pole. Kenny told me in the paddock that it’s not hot air; he’s never had this horse doing so well. He’s had some issues but the issues are no longer and he sure ran like it. I was surprised. They’re not supposed to have anything left when they pull like that.” MARY HILVERS (daughter of Bud and Judy Johnston), WHAT A VIEW, WINNER: “I grew up with this. It’s amazing. Obviously, when we lost dad so unexpectedly and suddenly, there were questions on whether we’d be able to keep it going. My son, Johnny, has done such a fabulous job. It’s a family thing: my husband, my daughter, it’s a family thing and we really want to carry on my dad’s legacy and my grandmother’s.“Mom is at my house in Sanger. I drove down this morning and it was a little too long for her. I have to go back up tonight. She can’t do that eight-hour turnaround trip, but she’s watching. I guarantee it. She’s excited right now. It means a lot and I’m looking forward to an outstanding 2016. We’ve got a lot of good, young horses coming up. I’m excited for my mom. I wish I would have made her come with me today. I tried to get her to come.”center_img             NOTES: The winning owners are Sal Berumen, Robert Riggio and the Elwood Johnston Trust, et al. TRAINER QUOTES -30-last_img read more

Bartomeu: “Messi told me that this reduction had to be made”

first_imgJosep María Bartomeu, president of Barcelona, ​​spoke about the situation of the Catalan club. “In round figures, a month is about 14 million of the net salary of the first team and the rest of the teams are two million because it is only on the base salary and not on the variables,” reveals Sports world. Meanwhile in Sport He also talks about the execution plan: “We would be irresponsible administrators if we had not implemented this reduction.”Application of the ERTE. We would be irresponsible administrators if we had not launched this discount. The economic situation is difficult and all measures had to be put in place to protect the club. Messi. He told me that this reduction had to be made.ERTE procedure. From the first moment and I wanted it to be something agreed and not imposed although I could do it by law but we wanted to reach an agreement because it is the best for Barça and they demonstrate their commitment. It has been achieved as I wanted and not imposed. We preferred to wait to discuss it with them and that it was not imposed at all. There has been a predisposition from the first day, from minute one.How are the figures? In round figures, a month is about 14 million of the net salary of the first team and the rest of the teams is two million because it is only on the base salary and not on the variables. In total, 16 million discounts per month. If the Alert Status lasts one month, it will be a reduction of 5.75% of the annual salary. If it lasts 45 days, it will be 8.6% and if it lasts two months, which we believe not, 11.5%. It is a flexible agreement conditioned on the number of days.Figures. Obviously it will not be possible to reach 1,050 million income, but until February we were on a record line well above those expected. This has stopped and we cannot enter many games as I have said before. There are those who say that we must now take these measures because the economic situation of the club is very bad and that is not true. The drop in income affects all clubs and all companies except pharmacies and those that can still operate. And we have examples in football, with Bayern and Juventus or Lyon making very important reductions. It is not a desperate issue but they try to adapt to the new conditions. Saving. On this subject we do not know yet. We are negotiating with the Works Council and there are many people who must go to ERTE. The club had already anticipated that many employees would complement a very important part to reach 100%. With the players we have shared this add-on with an agreement. And for this reason, soccer players are reduced by 70% and 2%, which they have added to compensate for the unemployment of these employees together with the club.Elections. This crisis does not make us rethink the electoral calendar, we will do it when it is time, at the end of the mandate.Cut in salary of leaders: We have spoken by videoconference, by whatsapp, calls. Sometimes everyone, sometimes one by one. The first day, the 20th, we all spoke together and they all said ahead. The four captains said so. The proposal we made to them that day, Friday, March 20, is the same, with the difference that they now add two percent to half compensate the employees with the club.Player complaints. Yes, I have been told this before, but I cannot control who is speaking. I do not know who they are. In the end I tell them that we are the four (the captains), the CEO and myself. And think that there are people from all over the world who speak, but I can say that neither the players nor I have spoken, nor Grascar Grau. On the contrary, if someone asked me, I would say calmly, that there would be no ERTE with the players. And there has not been nor will there be with the squad. There has been a private agreement between the club and the first team. Let the members know that there are many measures to mitigate this reduction in income. But none could be launched without having the agreement without the professional footballers because they are the base.last_img read more

Ferran Torres takes his time

first_imgHis current explosion this season (he is the player with the most value in the squad according to Transfermarkt, 45 million) occurred despite the fact that he did not initially enter the plans. In the summer they told him openly that he was leaving as the fourth footballer in his district. In fact the first intention of the sports leadership was to yield him (Marcelino loved Rafinha and Denis Suárez), while Peter Lim prioritized the permanence of Kang-in Lee (from whom they have acquired a percentage of their image rights).Valencia have spent months trying to hit the credibility of Peter Lim’s project with the renewal of Ferran, although the background of the matter is not the image of the club but the project itself that can present him to Foios. Valencia miss the shot focusing the debate on the salary issue. That fight has been lost from the moment that Ferran has little more than a year left on his contract and because of the profile of clubs that lie in wait for him. The rush Valencia now has is what they feel the club has not wanted to promote. Ferran had to stand two years ago to be signed by the first team. Only in this way, without the option to be sent to play with the subsidiary, he agreed to increase his termination clause and it was as he ended up participating in 16 games. Ferran Torres is on the lips of many. After all, he has 88 matches in the elite with only 20 years old and ends his contract in 2021. Hence his name is linked to the Juventus, Real Madrid, Dortmund or City. Obviously also to Valencia, who tries against time to renew it. But Ferran takes his time and He won’t talk about his future or want to hear anything until the season ends. He is the one who now takes it in stride and the one who ponders his decision valuing what he has lived through and his future in the medium term.last_img read more

Man, 27, Electrocuted

first_imgResidents of Johnson Street near UN Drive in Monrovia woke up yesterday morning to the shocking scene of the lifeless body of a man who had reportedly been electrocuted.The late Andreu Saah, Jr., 27, whose body was dangling on a nearby electric pole was said to be in the habit of stealing and selling current to businesses and homes in the vicinities of Johnson and Warren Streets and as far down as the Rally Time Market Community near the Soniwein Creek.The death of Saah justified the maxim: ‘99 days for rogue and one day for the master.’ The deceased was a resident of Clay Street and a father of two (a boy and girl) whose mother was identified as Edna Varney.The electric pole that killed the victim has high tension wires and transformers said an LEC source.Up to press time last night, the LEC management had made no official comment on the incident, but they have on several previous occasions warned against “power theft” that has claimed several lives and caused thousands of dollars in losses to the Corporation.Eyewitnesses lamented that the late Saah had been in the habit of “stealing current from the LEC and renting them to all the money people” in the nearby communities at the rate of US$35 monthly.”“If you used the late Saah’s current in the day, you will pay US$35, but if you rented it for 24 hours, meaning both day and night, you would pay more,” some aggrieved residents told the Daily Observer as they glimpsed at Saah’s remains.Almost all those that gathered to view Saah’s corpse had at least encountered him in his “current business” at different times.An eyewitness, who claimed to be a “customer” who rented current from the late Saah, explained that Saah got electrocuted around 1a.m. yesterday when he and three of his alleged accomplices had gone to reconnect a customer they had previously disconnected for “being delinquent.”According to one source, Saah’s accomplices were each assigned with a specific task while he (Saah) carried out the illegal connection.For example, one of the three accomplices would watch out for any intruder(s) to their “hustle” and another would hold the ladder the victim reportedly used to climb the pole while the last man allegedly held the flashlight to provide a clear view as the “operation to connect or disconnect the wires proceeded.”   “Unfortunately he was ‘jerked’ by the current and subsequently electrocuted to the disbelief of his three accomplices who suddenly disappeared under the cover of darkness when they noticed that their man had died instantly,” our source said.Among the onlookers at yesterday’s dreadful scene were said to be customers of the deceased, owing to the way some of them were wailing bitterly, particularly the women who beat their breasts in distress.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

PPP says Govt failing Guyanese

first_imgThe People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Monday said Government continued to fail the people of Guyana, as cries continued to be heard about the prevailing economic conditions under the coalition Administration.PPP General Secretary Clement RoheeThe Party’s General Secretary, Clement Rohee said he has been visiting various parts of the country and has been listening to the concerns of residents.He said many were speaking out, saying if this was the change they voted for, they did not want it.“Hundreds of thousands are anxious to see the PPP/C back in Government knowing that with such an eventuality the economy will recover and there will be a resurgence of economic and financial activities in the country from which all Guyanese will benefit,” Rohee said.He said those who voted for change have lost the little hope they had that that change would have brought them the much touted ‘good life’, rather he said what they were seeing was Government Ministers enjoying the ‘good life,’ which the common people should be enjoying.Rohee said in this situation, the youths are the hardest hit, with unemployment spiralling upwards, reaching about 40 per cent according to the Caribbean Development Bank.He said the coalition’s promises have all gone up in smoke and have left young people not only at risk but as ready and available prey for the criminal underworld.“We are having some bad economic times and generally in times like these, there would be increased unemployment especially at the youth level.”He said the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Manifesto had promised that the National Youth Policy would focus on reducing risk factors such as crime, drug abuse, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, suicide, violence and illiteracy.The current Administration, Rohee said, had also promised that its programmes would generate support and allocated resources to make recreation, the arts and sports hallmarks of excellence, while restoring the bond between young people and the communities.“Study issues which lead to alienation of boys and young men from our education system, including: dropping out from schools, engaging in crime and violence, marginalisation, accessing the labour market, and poverty alleviation have become meaningless to many young people who see no future for themselves under the Granger coalition Administration.”He said the PPP for its part in its 2015 manifesto expressed its commitment to: implementing national apprenticeship and special youth employment programmes; providing incentives and opportunities for employers to employ youths, and develop entrepreneurship and apprenticeship programmes.last_img read more

2 remain in custody for Rio fatal shooting

first_imgThe ex-bodyguard of a popular convicted drug lord and a female remain in custody as Police continue investigations into the fatal shooting of Ryan Sergeant, 19, at the Rio Nightclub on Monday last.Dead: Ryan SergeantA source close to the investigations revealed that the woman in custody was seen leaving the nightclub with two men – one turned himself in while the other remains on the run. It is believed that on the night of the fatal shooting, the argument started over the young lady.However, both persons in custody remain tight-lipped and have not been cooperating with Police. The Police are nevertheless hunting for the third suspect.The former ‘phantom’ group member turned himself in on Friday in company of his lawyer, while the woman was arrested at a house on Hadfield Street, Georgetown, during a Police operation, that led to the discovery of two illegal firearms and several rounds of ammunition.The others who were arrested were released.Ryan “Harry” Sergeant of Lot 2530 Layon Street, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was shot and killed, while another teenager remains in a critical state at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he too was shot. The injured teen is Jeffrey Ferrel also of North Ruimveldt Housing Scheme.Sergeant was shot once to the jaw during an exchange of gunfire that started in the night club and ended on the outside.After the shooting, the now dead man was picked up by his ‘gang members’ and dropped off at the Woodlands Hospital. It was reported that Ferrel, who is now hospitalised, was involved in an altercation with one of the suspects who in turn left the club with another friend and a female.Further reports stated that after the trio left, they were followed by Ferrel and the now dead man and the argument resumed.During the argument, the suspect whipped out a gun and discharge several rounds, hitting Ferrel to the neck and shoulder. Attempting to rescue his shot friend, Sergeant was shot to the jaw. The suspects then fled the scene.It was during the review of the surveillance footage that the three suspects were positively identified.last_img read more

Increased financial resources may pose challenges – Environment Director

first_imgOil industryBy Yanalla DalrympleDirector of Environment, Nidibi Schwiers, believes as Guyana joins other oil producing territories, many challenges will arise for the country with respect to management of lump sum financial resources.Schwiers made the comments during brief remarks at the recently held sensitisation of citizens on the Green State Development Strategy. According to the Director of Environment, many oil-rich countries – more largely endowed than Guyana – have fallen into recession due to mismanagement and improperly channelled resources.However, she said Guyana will steer its development along two limps; (1) by exploiting the oil resources and (2) ensuring this is done along a sustainable path.Schwiers pointed out that Guyana is in a fortunate position where it can learn from the mistakes of others and avoid the hazards and pitfalls that comes with oil money.“We have the benefit of hindsight and so we can ensure that we avoid these traps,” she said.The Director noted that the green strategy will incorporate the economic as well as the social aspect of the sustainable goals so that these and other goals can be accomplished along a green trajectory.“I hope that we all can fully engage in this process so that we can spark green conversations wherever we go,” Schwiers noted.The seminar was held in collaboration with the Green State Development Coordination Desk (GSDS), and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to develop a thorough understanding of the framework document.Coordination Desk (GSDS), Dr Asha Singh, said the intention of the seminar was to provide a better understanding of what the GSDS is all about.She said officials from the relevant Government departments must be able to articulate the Green State Development Strategy to all and sundry.Moreover, Singh expressed her optimism about networking with likeminded agencies to ensure proper collaboration and consultation on what exactly the strategy should contain.United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Representative, Mikiko Tanaka in her address stated that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of zero hunger and zero poverty hinges on the protection of the environment since climate change has impacted harshly on the availability of scare resources.This, she said, presents more complexities for countries that are affected by extreme weather events and are vulnerable because of population size, lack of emergency response and other mitigating factors.Owing to this reality, the strategy requires the broadest possible consultations with every citizen having their say, the UNDP representative said.She stressed that in order to achieve these deliverables, there must be by-ins from Government, inter-sectorial cooperation and extensive societal acceptance.She pointed out that inequalities must be seen in the context of gender gaps, marginalised and minority grouping such as the disabled, women and children, Indigenous, GLBT community as well as the disparity between hinterland and coastal services.According to Tanaka, issues relating to inequality and exclusion must also be addressed if countries are to achieve the SDGs within the specified timeframe. She noted that “all must be included and none must be left behind”. Tanaka urged stakeholders to be charters of their future and influencers of change rather than mere beneficiaries and passive recipients of Government policies and programmes.Participants spoke to the absence of pollution, quality air, replanting, proper garbage disposal, good water quality, renewable energy and safe mining as some of the deliverables they would expected in a green economy.It is anticipated that the consultations would run cross-country to engage stakeholders and groups in discussions with focus on various sub-sectors including transportation, mining, forestry and energy.Using a multi-prong approach among them green infrastructural transformation, sustainable extraction and agricultural productivity as the main thematic areas; the consultations are also expected to explore and document the economic niches that are available.Government recently secured US$1.5 million from the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) Investment Fund to finance the development of the Strategy.This financing was approved by the Steering Committee of the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund following the submission of a detailed proposal and work plan.last_img read more


first_imgThe next monthly meeting will take place on Monday 24th November in the Clubhouse at 9pm. The Lotto numbers this week are 7,11,12,24 and match 3 winner is Brid Mc Ginty from Ballybofey. The jackpot now stands at €5540. This weeks seller is Gerard Walsh.The Bingo continues in the Hall every Wednesday at 9pm. There is great prizes on offer so come along for a good nights craic. The under13 girls reached the county final last Saturday but unfortunately lost out to a strong Mac Cumhaills side but nonetheless well done to Elaine and her team for a great year.The Seniors were out in the league last Saturday at home to Kilcar with the game ending in a draw at 1-12 a piece. The final league game is this Sunday 21st at home to Malin with a throw in of 2pm.GAA NEWS: GLENSWILLY U 13 GIRLS FALL AT FINAL HURDLE was last modified: November 18th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalGlenswilly GAA noteslast_img read more

France vs Argentina: Preview, confirmed teams and live radio commentary

first_imgKnockout football arrives at this year’s World Cup for the first time as two former winners, France and Argentina, face off.Les Bleus cruised through Group C, finishing top with two wins and a draw, while Argentina needed a late Marcos Rojo winner against Nigeria to scrape through Group D in second place. Marcos Rojo’s 86th-minute winner against Nigeria rescued their World Cup campaign While France may appear favourites on current form, Lionel Messi‘s resurgence in the final group game will have given Didier Deschamps‘ side nightmares leading up to the match.Messi’s spectacular opener, controlling a long ball with two exquisite touches before firing into the Nigerian net, was the highlight of an inspirational performance.When is France vs Argentina?The last 16 tie will take place on Saturday, June 30 and is set to kick off at 3pm UK time.The Kazan Arena will host the tie, with a capacity 43,000 crowd expected. The last game played at the Kazan Arena was South Korea’s stunning 2-0 win over holders Germany 2 How can I listen?Click here to listen to our live commentary of all the action as it happens on talkSPORT.Who are the key players?This could be exactly the stage Paul Pogba needs to silence his doubters once and for all. Still yet to set the tournament alight, the Manchester United star will look to exploit Argentina’s wobbly midfield and expose their defence, which remains low on confidence.After a crucial penalty miss in the opener against Iceland and a dejected look of resignation in the Croatia defeat, Lionel Messi dragged his team kicking and screaming to the knockouts with a virtuoso display against Nigeria. There are even rumours Messi is taking charge of tactics and substitutions, which while far-fetched would not be beyond his deified status in Argentina.What are the confirmed teams?France: Lloris, Pavard, Varane, Umtiti, Hernandez, Kanté, Pogba, Mbappé, Griezmann, Matuidi, GiroudArgentina : Armani, Mercado, Otamendi, Rojo, Tagliafico, Mascherano, Enzo Perez, Banega, Pavon, Messi, Di MariatalkSPORT are with listeners all day and all night at this year’s 2018 FIFA World Cup™ with over 800 hours of World Cup content and all 64 games live across the talkSPORT network. 2last_img read more

Morrison eyes return to London

first_imgOn-loan Sheffield Wednesday striker Clinton Morrison says he would welcome a return to London on a permanent basis.Morrison, 32, made a temporary switch from Hillsborough to Brentford last week and has not ruled out signing for the Bees in the summer.The Republic of Ireland international accepts he will move on at the end of the season after being unable to establish himself as a first-team regular at Wednesday.And regardless of where he ends up, the Tooting-born Morrison, who made his name while at Crystal Palace, would like to stay in the capital.“I like London and I’d like to come back and play here,” he told West London Sport.“Whether I’ll end up signing [for Brentford] or not it’s too early to say. I just want to play as much as possible and see what happens.“What I can say though is that the manager has been good to me and so have the other lads, and I’m enjoying it.”See also: Owls may regret loan deal – MorrisonFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more